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Posted by anonymous
09.09.13 7:31am
I want to find some mom friends I can hang out with and smoke some pot. Maybe make some lunch and just have fun when the kids are at school.

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Posted by anonymous
10.04.12 4:14pm
I'm pissed at something one of my mom friends told me this morning, she said her husband told her she was too fat to have sex with. I really want to ask why she is still with this guy as she doesn't seem very happy with him. I told her I knew how she could lose 150 pounds like *that!*

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Posted by anonymous
09.24.12 6:50am
I've had to dump a few mom friends because they became so irritating. Very controlling, treating everyone like one of their kids. Thinking they were right, acting butt hurt when something didn't go their way. Somehow they were more mature and worldly and were very vocal about it. I get it. You're some sage now that you have a 7 month old and have figured out the meaning of life. Go away until you can act like a regular person again.

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Posted by anonymous
07.12.12 6:52pm
I had a conversation with some mom friends about pregnancy, and every single one of them said that their bodies were affected. But the general agreement was that our bodies were CHANGED, not that they were RUINED. I got thicker hair. My friend got permanently bigger breasts. Another friend became curvier when her hips widened a bit, and she LOVES it. My husband caresses and kisses my faint stretchmarks. I don't think they're ugly. Some women care about appearance so much they can't bear to get pregnant because they worry about feeling uglier in their own skin. But for me, it was a no-brainer.

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Posted by anonymous
05.13.12 12:34pm
One of my mom friends posted a meme about her heart being empty if she didn't have her kids. I just took it as her saying that if her kids WHO ALREADY EXIST were suddenly taken away from her and she was left as a childless woman whose kids would never be in her life again, THAT would make her heart "empty," as in grief stricken. I never imagined it could be interpreted as a statement against CF people.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.12 3:07pm
My husband and I won't be having kids. I'm 33 and the gap between myself and my mom friends grows daily. I make an effort. I have nothing against kids (I just don't want any). I go to the b-day parties, the showers, etc. But it doesn't matter. I'm going to start hanging out with other CF people and I already know I'll get shit for it. Such a double standard.

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Posted by anonymous
12.13.11 9:47pm
I am so in love with a mom friend of mine. We are both married. She knows I have a crush on her but has no idea how immediately into her I was and how totally blown away I am now.:/

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Posted by anonymous
12.13.11 8:09pm
I have fallen so completely in love with a mom friend of mine. We are both married. She knows I have a crush but has no idea how much more it really is.

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Posted by anonymous
04.08.11 6:04am
I had a mom friend tell me that she decided to only have 2 children because if something catastrophic happened, or the Apocalypse came, she could grab them both and run. She said you can't do that with 3 or 4 kids. I laughed, but she was serious!

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Posted by anonymous
03.03.11 12:18pm
my single mom friend is broke all the time from her own doing.Anytime i buy something she tries to make me feel bad for having some extra cash and not giving it to her.

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