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Posted by anonymous
12.15.13 8:09am
I never thought my husband was going to be the world's greatest handyman, however, I didn't realize that when we bought a house he was going to refuse to do ANYTHING around the house and also slack off at work so we couldn't afford to hire someone to do it for him. I do what I can but since I take care of the cooking, cleaning, childcare, etc., I have a hard time fitting everything else in.

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Posted by anonymous
08.15.13 5:16pm
My mom told me to "pray for her" because she feels overwhelmed. She let my sis and her family move in with them and is now doing 100% of the childcare and won't stand up to my sister and put her foot down. Yeah Mom, I'll pray for you--pray for you to get a backbone and kick them out.

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Posted by anonymous
06.15.13 5:28pm
I broke off the engagement and stayed to get my finances together. I will be a single parent when I leave so I have to be prepared with money and childcare. I'm still getting on my feet after a layoff but I won't be long. I have wasted too much of my life already.

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Posted by anonymous
06.12.13 9:27pm
Roommate wanted here. I only make 1600 a month and live in the Bay Area. I need to find a roommate until I can make more money. There's no question about it. Studio apartments are usually 900+. I can't afford that, childcare, food, ect. However, there is no question, I need to move out and get divorced.

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Posted by anonymous
06.05.13 2:37pm
144049 cont: purchased clothing for me. I can tell you the last time he contributed for clothing for our kids. My savings is for a membership he is making me pay for (for me), a dress for a wedding that is coming up that I'm in and for starting childcare for when I get another job.

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Posted by anonymous
04.08.13 9:50pm
I love my DH and am fine with our marriage, but if something happened I wouldn't marry again. I used to be all for marriage, but I don't see much use for it anymore. I see men being used for money by their cold wives who only care about kids, and women being stuck with all the childcare, neglected by cheating husbands who have checked out. Seems like no one really benefits. Everyone puts so much into a marriage, but most I know end up divorced. It's too hard.

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Posted by anonymous
01.05.13 1:43pm
So apparently because I am a SAHM, it is my job to do everything around the house (including picking up after dh), house maintenece, yard maintenence, car maintenence and childcare (including all school stuff, activities, doctors appts etc), shopping and cooking and all DH has to do is pay the bills and lay down and get laid? I don't think so. I am not a servant, I am your wife. The least you can do is pick up after yourself.

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Posted by anonymous
12.14.12 9:03pm
I wouldn't date a man with kids either, esp small ones: most are just looking for a replacement maid and childcare giver so they don't have to do anything anymore but sit on their lazy butts. They don't want to be bothered with the "woman's job". A guy tried hard to get me to be his new maid/mommy. Yeah right!

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Posted by anonymous
12.11.12 4:00am
DH and I both work and go to school full-time. When I got this job, DH promised to share chores and childcare. That lasted all of 2 weeks. I'm beginning to realize I need to give up on him ever changing. It's been almost a year, with counseling, and I told him when we began that I wouldn't spend another 5 yrs like the last ones. With a heavy heart, I make my plan for a future without him.

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Posted by anonymous
11.28.12 8:47am
I can't wait to leave him. Once my childcare situation is resolved he's out of here. I can't believe I wasted years of my life on this fool. And it's my fault. He was a freaking idiot from day 1.

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