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Posted by anonymous
06.06.11 7:56pm
If working an afternoon shift was going to be a problem for you you shouldn't have taken the job. I am not going to make J go back to working it so that you can be at home more with your kids. I am willing to fire you before you qualify for unemployment benefits though.

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Posted by anonymous
06.04.11 12:09pm
Now having unemployment-related nightmares. Subconscious mind? Trust me, I already know.

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Posted by anonymous
06.01.11 8:47am
When I get more hours, it's like YESSS! but then I know that my unemployment check for losing my other job will suck. Still, it's more $ to get more hours at work...not that I want to be there. I wish I didn't have to actually go in there, in order to get it. LOL. Don't we all.

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Posted by anonymous
05.19.11 8:53am
I have to go to this lame state sponsored class on how to look for work in order to continue to collect unemployment. My resume is stellar and I have an interview later today. This is a waste of my time.

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Posted by anonymous
04.25.11 5:21pm
Our company had a fire this weekend and my first thought was I hope that place burnt to the ground. Maybe we could all get unemployment that way and be happy for awhile.

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Posted by anonymous
04.23.11 6:34am
I was laid off from my telecommunications job. I want to get my graphic design certificates. Why is it that in my moronic state you can work up to 25 hours a week at a part time job and still collect unemployment, BUT you cannot go to school AT ALL and still collect? Plenty of people work full time and go to school part time or even full time. This makes no sense at all.

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Posted by anonymous
04.18.11 8:35am
DH starts his job today. Unemployment is over. I wish I wasn't worried that he's going to screw up something. I'm sure he's not, but I'm so worried...he's been out of work for so long. Ugh!

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Posted by anonymous
04.13.11 7:56pm
After 2 years on unemployment I start my new job on Fri. 22nd. WoooHoooo.

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Posted by anonymous
04.12.11 6:15am
I hate my job, and a small part of me wishes that I could sit home, collect unemployment, and whine about being jobless. Only a small part, but a part nonetheless.

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Posted by anonymous
04.07.11 7:24pm
Where I work is closing at the end of June and reopening in the middle of August with a new name. All staff who wants to work there in August has to apply and interview. We have been told there is no guarantee that everyone will be hired back. So not sure if I should try or just collect unemployment and find another job elsewhere (btw I work for a school and I'm the administrative assistant) I feel for the teacher who may not get hired back.

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