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Posted by anonymous
08.16.11 8:38am
2 months of unemployment= 15 lbs lost!!!!

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Posted by anonymous
08.02.11 12:06pm
My unemployment is about to run out and I'm freaked out.

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Posted by anonymous
08.02.11 7:59am
I hope my boss, who fired me because she did not like me, enjoys sitting in the office today while I spend this beautiful 85 degree summer day poolside. OH!! And my unemployment just got direct deposited this morning. I am loving life right now. Off to gather my beach towels, etc......

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Posted by anonymous
07.27.11 2:23pm
I didn't get my unemployment check today, but I did get a parking ticket in the mail. FML.

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Posted by anonymous
07.17.11 12:50pm
HA! You stupid bitch. Thought you could throw me under the bus and get away with it? Enjoy standing in the unemployment line. I came out of this looking like a rose and you have no job now. And you know what else? Everyone thinks you got what you deserved. Good luck finding a job. Stupid stupid stupid little bitch.

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Posted by anonymous
07.11.11 12:23pm
Another great interview (with stellar feedback) where the interviewer decided to go with another candidate. Can I cry yet? Unemployment is killing me.

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Posted by anonymous
07.06.11 1:24pm
my $10,000 inheritance from a relative is now like 6,900 something because I only have a part time job and a small $ from unemployment from other laid off job. I can't wait until I get more hours/get more income coming in too.

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Posted by anonymous
06.21.11 2:24pm
Even if you hate your job, silver lining is you have one. And it's easier to get hired if you're currently employed. This is my second round of unemployment. FML.

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Posted by anonymous
06.15.11 4:12am
Deep down I would love to get fired. I know the owner would do it in a way I know I could collect unemployment.

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Posted by anonymous
06.07.11 8:07pm
Once again. I'm drunk because of my job. I even smoked something. I NEVER smoke. I am SO unbelivably miserable at this place, I tried blaming it on myself, that lasts about a week. I tried being positive, that lasted a month. Even truu confessions, does not help anymore. OMG. I hate everything my company stands for. I wish they would fire me. At least I would have unemployment while I found something better. I feel so desparate. I have been suicidal about this too, in the past. OMG help.

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