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Posted by anonymous
11.26.11 3:53pm
I am so sick of the "be grateful you have a job" comments. Yes, I have a job, but, believe it or not, sometimes it sucks. Sometimes, my boss is a dick. Sometimes, my CW's should eat glass and die. Suffer the endless frustration of unemployment of suffer 10 hours a day with incompetent douchebags?

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Posted by anonymous
10.23.11 4:42pm
I saw a thing on the news today that a lot of companies are telling people "currently unemployed need not apply." Blatant discrimination, which in the economy should not be tolerated. Unemployment is not necessarily an indication of character or work ethic. And what about all of the recent graduates who have been working hard to get good grades and haven't had time to work? I call BS. Dear Republicans, please pass the jobs bill that would have made this illegal.

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Posted by anonymous
10.12.11 7:54pm
Go back to school and risk unemployment or stay in a company that has eaten my soul and has resulted in 50lbs of emotional eating in 2 years? ..Hate my life and have money or risk it for some happiness? Thoughts?

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Posted by anonymous
10.10.11 7:12pm
After 2yrs of unemployment. Today was my very first day on my new job and I loved it! So freaking happy I have a job. And greatful that my boss gave me a chance and my friend for keeping me in mind of any openings at her company.

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Posted by anonymous
10.05.11 7:45pm
I am so very very tired of my boss's attitude and her assitant's attitude! I am so tempted to just quit but if I do they there go's my unemployment benefits! I wish people would just grow up!

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Posted by anonymous
09.25.11 5:59pm
Former boss is disputing my unemployment claim stating that I violated some random company policy and that I was given several verbal warnings about it. Huh? I requested that he provide the videotape (which is required by law in our industry) showing him going apesh*t on me because I took the last can of Dr Pepper in the canteen and then firing me in front of the entire floor staff because I wasn't "looking him in the eye." Cha-ching goes the unemployment.

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Posted by anonymous
09.22.11 11:04am
Overdrew a company account today. I don't think "oops" is going to be a satisfactory response even though it was an accident. See everyone in the unemployment line.

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Posted by anonymous
09.21.11 3:39pm
Losing your job in June- $322 a week in unemployment Pool Membership- $90 New clothes at Goodwill- $50 Having a former coworker that you havent seen in 3 months not recognize you because you lost so much weight? PRICELESS

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Posted by anonymous
08.29.11 6:47pm
I'm between jobs - 4 weeks off. I should have filed for unemployment last week but didn't. If I file this week, I'll have to wait a week and then I'm only going to get 2 weeks paid. Not sure if it's worth it. I don't really need the money...

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Posted by anonymous
08.22.11 8:30am
will someone please hire me? I'm an excellent employee, really buy in to the company, (I've been lucky to work at places I've believed in), go the extra mile, etc. I hate unemployment.

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