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Posted by anonymous
04.02.12 11:32am
I used to be a facility manager. I was incharge of a full staff, a media department,and was charged with the day to day function of a university building, students, faculty and staff. I was laid off. 5 years later, i'm stuck in a cube farm, stuck on a "team" where you have to wait your turn to even be considered for a promotion. I'm bored. I'm frustrated. I'm angry. If I could go back in time, i'd not take this job and stay on unemployment for a while longer. SMH. I feel like this is going the be this way for a long time. :(

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Posted by anonymous
04.01.12 3:24pm
I worked in customer service call centers for 10 years, was laid off from my last job, now I am studying to be a paralegal while I collect unemployment.Dear customers, YOU SUCK!!! I will panhandle on the street before I go back to working in a call center and being abused all day/night.

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Posted by anonymous
03.11.12 7:53am
I posted the other day about my coworkers complaining that I'm not friendly enough, even though they've been unfriendly and exclusive since I started working there two years ago. I really want to quit my job to get the company I want to start off the ground. I have more than 6 months of expenses saved up, and no kids, but I make 50% more than my husband, plus if I stay through July 2013 I'll get a 14.000 euro bonus. I think I should leave now, collect unemployment (50% of my salary) for a year, and get my business up and running. It's a miserable situation, and it won't get better. what to do?

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Posted by anonymous
03.10.12 9:47am
If my employees would concentrate on serving the customers, making the customers happy, learning how to answer a phone politely, and treating everyone with respect, we would not have problems in the office. Because they do not do any of the above, we are involved in constant drama. I can't work with any of you any more because you do not understand the simplest things about how to perform your jobs! Next thing is I'm firing all of you and getting new people who will have the job skills you seem to have lost. Think that over in the unemployment line....

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Posted by anonymous
02.14.12 9:58am
A year n half of unemployment and I didn't get the job all because of a typing test, no interview at all. I am beginning to wonder if an employer will ever give me a chance.

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Posted by anonymous
02.06.12 6:27pm
I got a call back for a possible interview...feel free to pray for a random stranger that might get a interview...I have been on Unemployment for a Year-n-Half. I could really use this job.

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Posted by anonymous
01.24.12 5:41pm
I used to hear on the news about the unemployed, under employed and the people who had just given up and quit looking and I always thought "huh,. that's stupid, if you need a job you look til you find one". Now, 17 months into unemployment I know where those "just given up" people are coming from and exactly how they feel. If I don't get this last job I applied for I'm going to hang out my shingle as a house cleaner, yard mower and odd jobs woman and try to make it on that.

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Posted by anonymous
12.12.11 1:29pm
I'm aware of someone who really doesn't want to work & wants to go on disability cuz her job of choice (in a medical office at the beach to meet rich men--but she's 56 & can only schedule & file things & rich guys want a younger prettier woman) isn't happening. Her old job contracted out, her unemployment is running out & she pretends to need a crutch (in public) from a recent fall (she sez). I wonder if there is an anonymous ph # to report this, or if I'd need her soc sec # or something. It IRKS me that she is using our tax dollars for a bogus disability & doctors cannot disprove her "pain."

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Posted by anonymous
12.12.11 8:49am
one hour meeting about the future. the good news; there is a future. the bad news; it might involve most of us holding staff meeting at the unemployment center.

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Posted by anonymous
12.11.11 5:57pm
I'm going back to school while I collect I don't WANT a job,in customer service, I want to concentrate on school and then start my new career(nursing) Unemployment requires interviews to be documented, etc. I might have to wear maternity clothes when I go on interviews....

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