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Posted by anonymous
08.21.12 2:18pm
Has anyone had to to a meeting for unemployment? I knew my boss was going to fight it becasue he fights every single one ...I just dont know what to expect

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Posted by anonymous
08.04.12 2:02pm
I'm debating failing my EPIC training. If you fail, you are fired. If I can get a couple years of unemployment, I could finish my degree. I won't do it but it is fun thinking about it.

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Posted by anonymous
06.28.12 6:51pm
WooHoo! Getting laid off! This summer is going to be great! I only needed a fraction of the money I was making to supplement my DHs income. Unemployment will cover that.

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Posted by anonymous
06.19.12 6:46am
My paycheck bounced, two weeks in a row. I went to unemployment and was denied because they say I quit. WTF?

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Posted by anonymous
06.16.12 9:16am
I am unemployed, but I was treated so badly at my last job(including being physically poked by my supervisor even though I kept asking her to stop) that I am nervous about actually going back to work again.I really want to milk unemployment as long as I can. Maybe I should see a therapist or something. I am not lazy, I am really scared to go back to work.

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Posted by anonymous
06.12.12 8:16pm
I have an idea, why doesn't the unemployment office create a ton new jobs. That would help remediate two problems: the long wait times to get a hold of a representative and it would give a few needy people a job.

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Posted by anonymous
06.10.12 5:03pm
Ugh, they denied my unemployment extension. Jerks! I worked at the same company 9 years. Do you think I like being out of a job?

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Posted by anonymous
05.30.12 8:39pm
My boss just fired me. I've only had the job for one week. Here's hoping I can at least collect unemployment. Ugh.

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Posted by anonymous
04.11.12 4:06pm
I consider my unemployment money towards recovering from the PTSD I am sure my crazy boss gave me, And basically everyone else in the company under her.

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Posted by anonymous
04.03.12 7:32pm
I'm a SAHW. My husband is a SAHH. It's called unemployment.

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