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Posted by anonymous
10.21.12 5:18am
Applying for every job on the website doesn't show motivation, but it does mean you are just doing it to keep your unemployment or you are trying to be annoying. I actually read the resume, so when a plumber applies to be an in house lawyer and a janitor, I kind of think something is fishy at that point.

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Posted by anonymous
10.17.12 9:05pm
Anyone is entitled to complain about their job. Anyone. It doesn't make them ungrateful but just a person who is recognizing their feelings. That is the problem with our culture. If you have something that someone (allegedly) wants you're not allowed to complain but keep on being unhappy and wreck your life on principle. Utter crap. If you can't get a job it isn't an unhappily employed person's fault or problem. Stop projecting. Who knows. Maybe unemployment is better than the job they're doing.

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Posted by anonymous
10.16.12 10:38pm
If it weren't for lawyers, I bet we'd have a 50% unemployment rate. So many jobs are paper pushers just to avoid being sued.

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Posted by anonymous
10.13.12 6:58am
You were not laid off or fired. We will not be lying on the unemployment papers or welfare papers so that you can get benefits. We will fill them out with the truth. You had a baby via c-section that you are still not recovered from. You have a job to come back to when you are healed and released by your doctor. At this point you have not even put in a notice or let anyone know that you do not plan on coming back. You still have a job!

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Posted by anonymous
10.09.12 5:57pm
That's funny. Hiring agencies are only a waste of time until you want a job. Just like in any field, painting the whole industry and the people in it with your negative brush because you had a bad experience or didn't get what you wanted is childish and gets you nowhere. An agency is how I avoided unemployment.

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Posted by anonymous
10.07.12 8:05pm
I can't understand what is so terrible about collecting the unemployment I'm entitled to, and paid into. I can earn $600 a week in UE benefits. A target job will bring in half of that, even with full time hours. I'd rather spend my time seeking a decent job.

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Posted by anonymous
10.07.12 5:05pm
I am afraid of what this week will bring. My unemployment just ran out, I have no job after applying for 100 jobs in the past 6 months, I think my husband is cheating - again - and I just do not want to wake up tomorrow.

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Posted by anonymous
09.07.12 2:55pm
I was the OP whose boss was fighting my unemployment. He lost. Apparently having cancer, doctors notes, all the dates and requests I put in that he signed off on was a big plus on my side. My advice is keep copies of every doctors note. Oh and they even noticed that the two "write ups" I had for attendance were not signed by me. If you are going to have someone sign them make sure they can get my very hard to spell last night correct. Now I can focus on fighting the cancer and not him!!!! Sorry for any spelling mistakes I am writing this in my car from the parking lot :)

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Posted by anonymous
08.30.12 9:50am
Here is one of the worst feelings in the world as I enter my 5th month of unemployment...I submit my resume for a job. A week goes by and I see the job posted again. So I think that maybe I didn't submit correctly or they maybe didn't get it. Another 2 weeks go by and the same job is posted again. Fuck.

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Posted by anonymous
08.21.12 8:54pm
Pro-tip...if you're ever fired/laid off from a job and they act like they're doing you a favor by giving you the option to resign...DO. NOT. DO. IT. It means you can't get unemployment because it makes it look like you voluntarily left the job.

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