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Posted by anonymous
03.22.13 11:43am
I slept with a boss once. It was the worst sex I ever had.

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Posted by anonymous
03.22.13 4:41am
I am getting ready to fire a very good employee because i end up having sex with her and now don't want to continue the stupid emotional less sex... I am married and know it was a mistake but have her continue to work in company would be even stupidest.. I think this is going to be one of the conversations, where she will walk out of the room saying i have no idea what i was talking about... but what can i say, she is good employee and have no reasons to fire her.

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Posted by anonymous
03.20.13 5:12am
Tired of being called "vanilla" (ha!) for not having any interest whatsoever in reading the "50 shades" books, today I made my dumb coworker's brain bleed telling her about gods mating in Norse mythology... I think she's still lost thinking about Loki shape-shifting sexual adventures with both male and female creatures...

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Posted by anonymous
03.13.13 6:38am
I keep having sex dreams about my boss. They're insanely hot, but in some of them he fires me right after the sex. What the heck? FTR- I do not have sex (or fool around at all) with my boss, but I do consider him my 'work husband'. We're very informal with each other. I have to admit though, the dreams are making me think about it. I would never, he's married, but the seed is in my head now. But he fires me after! Ugh, my brain is so stupid.

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Posted by anonymous
03.10.13 4:20pm
I have worked in banking for years, the nastiest people are wealthy older men, followed by young poor people of both sexes.

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Posted by anonymous
03.07.13 9:46am
I have a female coworker friend that is extremely quick witted. We're fairly friendly outside the office too. She jokes with everyone & manages to make everything sexually suggestive. Male coworkers have started trying to get me to engage me in similar banter, not interested. I feel like my association with her is giving me a reputation. On two occasions a guy shut the light off & said "I've always wanted to see you in the dark". I can take a joke but this is juvenile & creepy IMO. Am I too sensitive or is this bordering on/is sexual harassment?

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Posted by anonymous
02.19.13 2:53pm
New approach to dating. Sex soon, why wait if it doesn't satisfy. Time is to precious to wait around for an orgasm.

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Posted by anonymous
02.19.13 10:05am
I've been working with my co-worker for about 6 months. He has always been very sweet, helpful, warm, etc. Then all of a sudden, he got extremely flirty with lots of sexual innuendos and touching (hugs, pokes, massages). Hmmm

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Posted by anonymous
02.19.13 9:31am
I can smell your cologne from 30 feet away. OUTSIDE. I can't even imagine what it's like inside for the women in your department. Your desperate attempt to appear sexy is making you look (and smell) like a fratbro d-bag.

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Posted by anonymous
02.17.13 12:30pm
What the hell am I thinking? I'm playing with fire with a coworker. We are both interested but both married, well, he's married I'm separated but not legally divorced. I want nothing more than sex from him but it will be bad when it blows up in my face. Ughhhh...why does he have to be so damn sexy? We have talked about what is brewing between us but haven't gone further than sexting.

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