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Posted by anonymous
11.05.13 8:00am
I work in a bank and I was helping out at a friends branch, so I asked one of the ladies in the office if she has sex, the way she responded was, first she asked how old is my mother, I told her about your age, (50ish) and then she asked me if I ask my mother if she has sex, I sad no, of course not, then she said why the hell would ask me that sort of question, I am so afraid she is going to report me to HR, why would she get so upset it is a harmless questions.

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Posted by anonymous
10.24.13 4:45pm
If you don't call out sexism, you're a part of the problem. Silently "proving them wrong" is actually only staying SILENT. They can't/won't see your "competence."

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Posted by anonymous
10.23.13 6:31pm
Wow. The amount of casual sexism I deal with on a daily basis blows my mind. I'm not exactly the silent type, so if someone makes an offensive or patronizing comment, I typically call them out. It doesn't hurt me too badly now (as I'm in a professional graduate program), but I know in the "real world" that isn't the way up the ladder...

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Posted by anonymous
10.10.13 4:14pm
I like that you flirted a little with me like that Mr. Sexy Boss Man. It seemed like an accident, but you've got me thinking alllll about you.

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Posted by anonymous
09.25.13 6:24am
I want to sleep with my boss. I tell myself that if I could have him just once that would get this out of my system, but that's a load of crap. I'd want it again and again. And he wants it too. The sexual tension when we're alone is almost unbearable. We crossed the line once and kissed in the conference room- but stopped. What it boils down to is we don't want to cheat on our spouses. We both have way too much to lose. It wouldn't be worth it. But the heat and tension are still just eating away at my resolve. I have to find a way to let this go. My DH is a good man, and doesn't deserve this.

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Posted by anonymous
09.03.13 10:30pm
Probably have the sexiest boss, ever. Of all time. (too bad he's married...)

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Posted by anonymous
08.15.13 1:58pm
So, I'm pretty sure I'm Bi sexual. I'm married, have been for 11 yrs, but I've been on my job for almost 2 yrs and I'm so attracted to a wonan at work. She's beautiful.. Since I've started we've gotten ckoser.. She's a lesbian and is in a relatuinship. But there's this other guy who's choclate, bald and has a panty droppin' Barry White voice that makes me wanna rub his bald head everytime I see him! Byt at the end of the day, I go hm and rub my husbands chocolatey bald head.

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Posted by anonymous
06.27.13 8:49pm
I don't know why, but everyone at the office thinks I'm very experienced sexually. It's funny, I've probably had less experience than most of them. It's not like the subject comes up often anyways, it's just the general consensus? Weird.

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Posted by anonymous
06.12.13 9:22am
Dear proudly obese coworker, the fact that I do believe women come in all sizes and shapes does NOT allow you to judge and disrespect me for being petite and thin, saying I "don't look like a real woman" and that "evidently" my man is still with me "because he never had sex with a BBW". Beauty is on the inside, and it looks like your soul is ugly like hell.

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Posted by anonymous
06.11.13 4:04pm
Dear Boss: You're my boss, I'm your secretary. I can't seem to get you out of my head. All day long all I can think about is how attractive you are. When I am not at work I fantasize about dating you and other things.... I am shocked it hasn't affected my work. I try to channel whatever this is towards my husband. Our sex life has improved, but he and I have been on the rocks for months. I love him, but all we do is fight. When I am around you, you make me feel empowered. I know its all in my head. I work for you, you have to pay attention to me and think I am smart and competent.

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