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Posted by anonymous
07.06.12 3:52pm
I had an affair with the office pervert, it was fun, I am glad. And he was sexy!

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Posted by anonymous
06.28.12 4:55pm
I'm an RN. A Doc I work with was joking about running off, and opening a clinic on some sunny island somewhere, and taking me and our sexy receptionist with him. I'd go in a second.

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Posted by anonymous
06.27.12 5:27pm
I work with 3 crazy people who should definitely be on medication for their mental problems and my 40something boss likes to share WAY TO MUCH INFO. about her sex life with her employees. I'm starting to hate this job!

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Posted by anonymous
06.23.12 8:24am
Please do not loudly discuss your sex life in graphic detail in the lunchroom. Trust me, the entire floor is not interested in how many times you and your friend came last night, and how messy it was after, you no class ghetto girl.

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Posted by anonymous
06.22.12 6:24am
Dear Boss, Do you realize whenever you speak of your wife and new baby, saying you will be the one 'grilling' and 'chilling' while the women take care of the children, it makes me wonder why all the guys get most of the projects/work around here? Yea. Sexist pig.

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Posted by anonymous
06.21.12 11:51am
I don't always wear my glasses. But when I do, I look like a sexy librarian.

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Posted by anonymous
06.16.12 10:48am
I'm married for 6 years, 29 y.o. and I'm having sex with my boss. Not complete "bedroom" sex, just oral sex that I perform on him a few times a week. He's old enough to be my father and I'd like to break it off, but I don't want to lose my job. I started doing it to keep it a couple of years back and I'm still doing it. Problem is, my husband lost his jjob and we really need the money I bring in.

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Posted by anonymous
06.10.12 8:23am
I don't care who and how you have sex as long as your partner/s is consenting, however, I think the participants in our City's Pride Parade would get more respect if they actually wore more clothes and had less spanking/whippings - nothing more fun then watching unsuspecting parents explaining that parade float!

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Posted by anonymous
06.07.12 7:16am
My manager is lesbian, and 2 of my co-workers are bisexual self is like a kid in a candy store. All 3 are super sexy too. Oh also forgot the receptionist is lesbian and in a relationship with the Manager. Or they could all be bisexual....all I know is this is the best job I've EVER had. Score.

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Posted by anonymous
06.06.12 12:07pm
What the hell is wrong with Congress? Why would they not pass a law for equal pay among the sexes?

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