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Posted by anonymous
05.14.13 8:24pm
My uncle's wife kept their daughter in diapers until she was 6. Because her step brother was known to molest his siblings. Sure enough, as soon as she was out of diapers he sodomized her with a stick. Pro parenting right there.

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Posted by anonymous
05.11.13 10:11pm
My siblings and I took my mom out for lunch today for Mother's day. My brother didn't chip in. Didn't even pay for himself to eat even though bragging about how he just got a huge bonus at work.

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Posted by anonymous
05.06.13 5:12am
My mom is getting just shy of one million in life insurance from my dad dying. That is not including his pension or her own retirement money. She is trying to give me and my 3 siblings all 20k a piece and we are arguing with her to keep the money because she doesnt own a house or a personal car. I laughed and told her we must be the only family on earth fighting with the parent to keep their money. We are adults and need to take care of ourselves, that money is for HER to make sure she is taken care of. We would all much rather have her around than a cent of that money.

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Posted by anonymous
05.05.13 10:27pm
I love my daughter, I am so dam proud of her. She's growing into a wonderfully kind and caring person. She wants to have a canned food drive instead of a (18yrs) birthday party. How can I say no to that?! She wants to donate to our local food pantry. I don't know how I did this. I raised her & her 2 siblings by myself & I was in constant fear I would fail them. So far so good. She'll be an adult & yes i'll still worry, but I think she'll be alright. I've never wanted compliments or praise for dng what I'm supposed to do, & I nvr toot my own horn, but this makes me feel good abt my parenting.

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Posted by anonymous
04.29.13 7:06pm
I know that I'm not really a mom, but I sure feel like it. I am the oldest of 5 children, 3 brothers and a sister. My oldest sibling just turned 11. I just turned 18 last September. I have a different father than my younger siblings. Their father, who was abusive in every way to me, died about three years ago. Our mother died three months ago today. I was left with custody of my four siblings as there were no other family members. I'm now raising four kids with my boyfriend of 2 years, while in school and working. Boy, is it difficult, but they are my entire world.

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Posted by anonymous
04.24.13 10:30pm
what in the world will I do with my five and six year olds all summer neighbors, no family, no summer camps, just two squabbling siblings and one stay at home mom...could be a long hot summer

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Posted by anonymous
04.21.13 11:03am
My son was born 3 weeks after my 19th birthday meaning I was pregnant within a month of graduating high school. My son was one of the first children born to my class which grew to probably 40 within the next two years. Now he's four, and he's the only one without a sibling. Meaning I'm the only person who didn't go on to have another kid. This was the best choice for me, without a doubt. I can barely raise one while being in college. This will all be worth it once I graduate, right?

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Posted by anonymous
04.17.13 5:56pm
If identical twin women meet identical twin men and they each have babies, would those babies then be siblings from a genetic standpoint? (They'd be cousins of course.)

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Posted by anonymous
04.12.13 10:27am
Trying a new punishment with DS6. He only gets video games on the weekends (Fri night/Sat). If he is disrespectful/lies/bullies his brother (outside the realm of normal sibling rivalry) he has to circle the day on the calendar and loses video game days 1 for 1. Tonight is the first one he gets a taste of losing them. This morning he already told me it's not fair. Hopefully the lesson will be learned quickly-especially with school letting out in a month!

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Posted by anonymous
04.09.13 5:40am
I have six siblings and we're all close. We're all married too and the spouses all get along. My friend is one of 3. They don't talk. They see each other in the store and say 'hi' and that's it. It's not a big family, small family thing. I know large families that don't get along and small ones who are super close. Each family is different.

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