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Posted by anonymous
05.30.13 9:36pm
My older sister used to beat me savagely when we were kids. It was far beyond the normal sibling scrapping -- she'd claw my arms until I bled, beat me until I had bruises on my arms, legs and torso, and yank out clumps of my hair. My parents did nothing to stop it beyond telling me, "Just hit her back." I live 3,000 miles from these people now and never go back to visit. My parents can't figure out why and always ask me why sister and I aren't close. Unbelievable.

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Posted by anonymous
05.30.13 5:39am
Growing up my mom was on drugs, abusive and didn't care.She would take me out of school so she could have clean pee for urine checks.I was the one caring for my siblings,I was always told "take care of your mother" while I was 12 years old. So, basically I had to be there, seeing ugly stuff as a child. So when my mom got clean and got her sh** together, I hold some resentment because after all that pain and anger she threw at me, she never really understood why I am hurt, mad and try to have little to do with her.I feel like she makes excuses for her past behavior instead owning up to it.

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Posted by anonymous
05.28.13 8:08pm
My Mom only likes her kids that treat her like garbage. I try so hard to be nice to her, be friendly, bring my kids over but still do everything for them so she can just enjoy them and she barely tolerates us. Yet she falls all over my siblings who are jerks. It hurts when you finally realize that your parents just don't like you, and no matter what you do or how hard you try they just don't like you.

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Posted by anonymous
05.28.13 9:28am
OP whose grandfather abandoned the family 50 years ago and we recently learned of his second family after his death. I would like to reach out to the relatives I found, but my mom and her siblings don't want to, and I want to respect their wishes. It's only been a few weeks since we found this out, so maybe with time they'll want to get in touch with their half siblings and their kids. My mom was quite little when her father left, and always explained it to me that in those days, when parents divorced, it was thought to be better for the children for the father to make a clean break.

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Posted by anonymous
05.26.13 11:41am
When we were younger (ages 8+), my mom found the best solution to people eating all the snacks & not leaving enough for anyone else (I have 4 siblings). We each had one of those shoe-box size plastic containers, and when she went grocery shopping, she would divide out the snacks, like the box of granola bars or fruit snacks, mini bags of chips etc equally into each of our bins. Then it was up to us. We could eat as much from our own bin as we wanted, but if we ate all our snacks before she went shopping again that was it, we couldn't take from anyone else's. It worked great for us.

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Posted by anonymous
05.23.13 4:38pm
I might be over the top. I might be mushy gushy. I might be emotional because of the end of the year. But you know what? I'm okay with that. My babies (who, by the way, are referred to as "ladies and gentlemen" or "sir" or "ma'am" in the classroom) need a little of that in their lives. Too often they are raising their siblings and not spending time with their grandparents (typically the guardians for my kids). My classroom has been described as being awesome because there is "both sarcasm and love in abundance". I'm good with that.

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Posted by anonymous
05.20.13 3:10am
My friends dd 3 yo is in dance class because her older sibling 6 yo is also in dance. They are having a recital. they are required to wear make-up. She is thinking about pulling them out because of the message on such young girls. It is such a hard decision because they love to dance but required make-up, really??

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Posted by anonymous
05.19.13 7:56am
My mother absolutely hates that I have a small family. I have two DD's and have made plans so I do not have more. She had six children and I know it really gets to her that I won't just slap on a smile and tout the party line my siblings do about how amazing and fabulous it is being part of a big family. She can tell all her friends how great a big family is, but she is not happy that my children are a symbolic flip of the bird that make people question if it was so great why didn't your DD want that for herself? Sorry mom but I am not going to have more children so that you can look good.

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Posted by anonymous
05.17.13 8:41am
My mom never played with me as a child. And I didn't even have siblings. I think it taught me to be independent and able to entertain myself.

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Posted by anonymous
05.16.13 7:41pm
We have enough to make ends meet, and I am grateful for that. I don't have to worry about how I'm going to feed the kids or pay the mortgage, and I know that's more than a lot of people have. But we never have enough for extras. But my and DH's siblings and friends have plenty, and it sucks always having to say that we can't afford to go out to a fancy dinner or to the spa.

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