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Posted by anonymous
08.11.13 6:19pm
My mom resents me for some reason and it is blatantly obvious. I'm not surewhy. It's not because she raised me either, because she didn't. For the first 6-7 years of my life she chose her job over me and did not move across the country with us whenmy dad got stationed elsewhere. Her mom did though, and SHE raised me. After we moved back with mom, she still chose her job over me. She treats my siblings like gods though(older and younger). My grandma died 6 years ago and while dying, mom was mean to her too. I wonder if she regrets that or if she'll regret it when I'm fully estranged from her.

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Posted by anonymous
08.10.13 10:28am
We have drastically reduced the holiday stress in my family. If you're under 18 AND related to me as sibling / niece / nephew you get a present. If you're my mom or dad or MIL / FIL chances are you will get a small thoughtful present if I happen to see something that would be perfect. I coupon so I have a HUGE box of razors / toothpaste / toothbrushes / lotion etc that all other adults get to scavenge thru, and they love it. Nobody expects anything. I give to the amount I can, as does everyone else, and we spend the holidays being an awesome family that loves each other.

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Posted by anonymous
08.09.13 5:04pm
Someone in DH's family died recently. MIL is executrix of the estate. The relative left DH and one of his siblings about $50k and a third sibling about $30k and my MIL $0. MIL says this is not fair, since she's doing the work to settle the estate and the kid who got less is the family favorite, so she wants the other two to sign over their shares and then split it all up equally four ways. I think that's crap. The person said what they wanted in the will, she should do what was written out. And she should not be taking money away from her kids or grandkids. Period.

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Posted by anonymous
08.08.13 6:21pm
Posted about the good relationship with the ex but who doesn't pay child support. I absolutely adore his girlfriend and so does our son. We hang out together or with our kids (they are brothers and sisters, not half siblings or step siblings in their minds) so if he wants advice, I'm happy to help. I absolutely filed for child support and he owes $12k in back pay. I fought with him for a good two years before I realized that I couldn't force him to be financially responsible. He will owe it until its paid. I wasn't doing myself or anyone else any favors being ugly about it. :/

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Posted by anonymous
08.07.13 8:40pm
Everyone hates my SIL. She's done everything you can think of to alienate our entire family. Her grown children are snobs and treat everyone on my brothers side of the family like garbage. It kills me every time she talks down about my parents or one of my other siblings. She's so hateful and all we ever do is try to be nice.

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Posted by anonymous
08.03.13 12:45pm
I am the only one in my immediate family to deliver my parents grandhildren. They very obviously favor me. I really can't stand it and agree with my siblings, they are jerks.

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Posted by anonymous
08.01.13 12:08pm
My mom tried to convince me that my sister had a pet bird growing up. It's not true. What really pisses me off is my mom is always rewriting me/my sibling's childhoods to include things that never actually happened. I find it weird and wonder if anyone else's parent does this.

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Posted by anonymous
07.28.13 3:33pm
I think DH is a little sad that he's the last one of his siblings (he's one of four) without kids and he's not even the youngest. He's impatient to get started.

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Posted by anonymous
07.23.13 1:20pm
I'm scared my mom is going into another manic phase. Last time my dad had to sell rights to a farm he used to share with his siblings to bail them out financially (ran up almost 13,000 in credit card debt and decided to open up a business). She also is verbally abusive and about 1000x more selfish. I'm living with my parents due to not being able to find a job in my area, but if it gets bad again I don't know know what I will do, or what my dad will do because they're close to retirement age.

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Posted by anonymous
07.22.13 1:22pm
My 5 year old has been a pretty good listener since his big brother left for the summer. I guess the sibling rivalry brings the worst in both of them. My house is so peaceful that I am wondering how can I maintain it once the oldest gets back?

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