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Posted by anonymous
09.25.13 8:13pm
When i first went out with DH, his sister posted some embarrassing things about him on my facebook. As if she wanted me to dump him, i thought it was weird but it could be just sibling teasing. But it goes on. Every chance she got, she would say sarcastic and mean things about dh right in front of me, family, publicly. Now i understand this is her way to fish attention from him to her, we always took the high road, but i admit there were times i wanted to throw drinks at her.

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Posted by anonymous
09.19.13 12:19pm
I'm very ashamed of the behavior of my family (parents, siblings) in front of my husband. His family is loving, forgiving and fun. Mine is judgmental, anal, overly religious, and drama filled.

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Posted by anonymous
09.18.13 9:10pm
I am a single mom of 2 kids that exhaust me. The younger one is physically and mentally quick and climbs as well as instigates things with his sibling to either start a fight or make the other one cry. The older sibling isn't really connecting the dots mentally so to speak. They seldom get along and I have no help, family or otherwise, and sometimes i drink and other times I think I need medication to make it through this. I love them but dear God I need a BREAK.

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Posted by anonymous
09.18.13 4:48pm
I hate my MIL and her husband, and my SIL. The family is at war, between five siblings with all their s/o, nobody talking or going to each others' houses. There are 7 grandchildren who should all be together enjoying life together and instead, it is a nightmare full of hate and denial. Sucks.

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Posted by anonymous
09.14.13 10:21am
I have six siblings and four parents and there is zero drama.

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Posted by anonymous
09.14.13 5:14am
I have many younger siblings and four parents (two steps). The constant drama and chaos from being involved with all these people is ridiculous and I hate it. I know even one sibling can cause a lot of problems but six siblings and four parents is constant insanity. I am so sick of everyone. I also know people have good reasons for getting divorced but but I feel in my parents case it was totally selfish. I don't appreciate being told 'you must have Aspergers' because I don't like being involved in everyone's drama. I love my siblings out of obligation. I can't stand to be around them.

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Posted by anonymous
09.13.13 3:37am
I am the youngest child in my family, and my older siblings would never ever let me treat them or let me give them any money. It's an older sibling thing, they feel like they have to protect me or something. Dh is also the youngest child, yet all of his older siblings are just leeching off him. Even his parents are teaching him to give his money to his older sibling. It's sickening to me. He is not even helping a sibling in need, they are all adults capable of taking care of themselves, but they just don't want to, they'd just rather get a check from him. Shame on them.

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Posted by anonymous
09.11.13 4:47pm
I know my husband has posted on this site before but I never have so here it goes. I'm an only child. My husband has one sibling, a brother. Brother’s only child, our nephew, died when the towers fell on 9/11. My daughter and only child was killed by Taliban soldiers during her deployment in Afghanistan. Our family lines end with us. It doesn’t matter how many anniversaries pass. I will go to the remembrance ceremony every year until I die. My heart will be broken forever. When they died our future and hope died with them.

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Posted by anonymous
09.11.13 12:35am
I have two very different children. They both have some great traits, but one is a hundred times easier than the other one. She is five, but so easy to be around. She is sweet, empathetic, smart, and a great companion. I feel like the worlds best mom around her. The other child is 7, but very demanding, challenging, hyper, and it is hard to spend too much time around her. I often feel like a failure with her. I just don't know how to improve things with her difficult personality that rubs me the wrong way. How can parenting be so different with two siblings

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Posted by anonymous
08.15.13 5:47am
Why do siblings fight so much! It's driving me nuts! They fight about what to play together, which if you are fighting why even play together, just go off and play by yourselves! I wish I had never had kids, I hate being a mother!

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