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Posted by anonymous
11.16.13 3:21pm
When I was younger my mom consistently called me a "little b****" and that I had the devil in me when I didn't obey her.She called me up because she was angry with something I didn't do for my siblings and she called me a "b****" again.I am an adult now and finally I told her if she was going to disrespect me by calling me names we were done.I don't need to take that crap anymore from a hypocrite.I know you have to respect your parents but once utter disrespect is shown, she lost that right.I am not calling her until she can apologize.

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Posted by anonymous
11.12.13 6:14am
The sight of both his older siblings asking for money from their parents right in front of me absolutely made me sick. The fact that these two completely competent adults in their late 30s did that so nonchalantly meant it's business as usual for them. I cannot imagine who they are going to come to when their parents are no longer around.

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Posted by anonymous
11.06.13 12:25pm
Found out the ex has inherited more than I originally found. He is not telling me how much, but more policies were found for him to split with siblings. I would love to upgrade DD's life but he won't give me the 20% he should. This is the 1st request the family court is denying me. Said I've had my last review & it's not income. He doesn't deserve to see DD for Thanksgiving. He can have her car & whatever sent to her. I'm done dealing with his selfishness.

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Posted by anonymous
11.04.13 4:30pm
The most annoying thing my mil does is speaking on behalf of other people. She does it every time. She said his sibling was angry, no he was not. Someone did something, no they didn't. She made up stories as if the kids are little geniuses, no they are just normal. She diagnosed herself with variety of conditions from webMD, continuously making up BS for everyone and told it to everyone as fact. It always pissed me off when i learned the truth, now i just eye roll everything she said. She is a compulsive liar and possibly has undiagnosed mental illness.

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Posted by anonymous
10.30.13 1:32pm
My little cousin (15 years younger) was a terror child. From age three she ruined my grandma's plants and knew to blame me for it. She grew up to be a manipulative adult, she still makes her siblings life a living hell by pitting fights here and there. I feel bad for her older sister, of course in front of parents she acts the angel. Last year she stole my phone just to see my messages, then tried to seduce 30 yo DH by dancing what she thought was 'sexy', we just shake our heads. DH was creeped out by her. Sometimes psychopatic traits showed up when they were little and they never change.

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Posted by CrazyApple
10.19.13 7:27am
We told the kids this morning and it went better than expected. At first they asked how could we do this. Then my daughter (15) said she planned on being the baby's favorite sibling. My son (12, almost 13) said he'll be the one to tease it the most when it's older. He's probably right about that. So, they're shocked but mostly ok with it. I am relieved.

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Posted by anonymous
10.18.13 12:42pm
I don't like to share. Yes, I do have siblings and I DO share with people I come in contact with. But the action doesn't come naturally. I have the mentality of "what's mine is mine". I am trying to make progress on this.

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Posted by anonymous
10.17.13 5:23pm
my mom thinks I am the loser kid in the family. It seems things came very easily to my siblings, they were well like, attractive, athletic and got good grades. They are successful now and raising kids and meanwhile I am the child free black sheep. I have great friends, don't get me wrong, I enjoy my life. But when I'm around my family I can tell they think I'm a total

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Posted by anonymous
10.15.13 10:25am
DH has it easy. My parents loves him and made him call them 'mom' and 'dad', my siblings just clicked with him right away. While I have to deal with his clingy 'other woman' mom and his snobbish sister who pulled her cellphone whenever she is 'stuck' with me. Family my arse.

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Posted by anonymous
10.01.13 12:45pm
I am so glad that DH and I do not live near his parents who just moved back to a North East State after living in sunny Florida for almost 2 decades. Their reasoning was that they are older and more frail. They even need someone to help them walk. How will they manage to do grocery shopping and other errands by themselves while living in a rented apartment? So glad DH's other siblings live nearby to be at their service.

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