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Posted by anonymous
12.09.13 12:57pm
I am no longer going to care that I chose a life free from the responsibilities of my family. I am not going to apologize for the fact that I got married and now live far away and don't play into their drama. They want me to feel guilty because I moved away but I am going to travel and see the world, not stay stagnant and stuck in a life they complain about. I am an adult now and no longer responsible for my siblings or my mom.Brother tries to make me feel guilty for choosing my own life but he forgot that he once had dreams.

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Posted by anonymous
12.09.13 12:35pm
My grandparents were divorced before I was born. Every year my Grandma invited my grandpa, his new wife and both of their mothers for Christmas. I know she didn't like her but she sucked it up for her kids and grandchildren. I know that this wouldn't work in every family but it sure made things easier on my mom and her siblings.

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Posted by anonymous
12.09.13 12:27pm
I figured out through this site the reason why I don't have siblings of my own. my mother knew for years that she was bailing on my dad and very well even myself (her first child). Its really clear, that she made a replacement life for herself, but I never understood why make me go through life alone. It was just another SELFISH thing. One more "oh, I'm not going to put myself into this situation any deeper.."! Well thanks a lot. Its always fun to feel abandoned and then actually be abandoned, meanwhile my mother's mother (my other grandmother) keeps showing my pictures of my step siblings...

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Posted by anonymous
12.06.13 8:08am
My mom is emotionally abusive to most of her immediate "family". She was to my dad during their marriage and after, me and my siblings, her last husband, and her on again off again mentally unstable bf. she claim she is afraid of this bf but still tells him she loves him and fools around with him "to keep the peace" even after moving to a separate place. She manipulates everyone!! I'm so tired of the bs.

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Posted by anonymous
12.05.13 4:05am
I'm 38 and pregnant and I am definitely too old! Not every pregnancy is planned. Old or not, after 10 years of infertility, I'm happy. My baby will be born into a good home with stable parents that have been married for 19 years, older siblings that will spoil him rotten and many advantages we never could have afforded to give our older kids.

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Posted by anonymous
12.04.13 9:45pm
I found this show called Trophy Wife that is actually really funny but also a great example of a (actually 3 times) divorced family. Granted, the families have their issues, but in the general sense, they communicate and consider themselves all somewhat of a family, and they work together for the children. The exes still talk, the (half) siblings are still kept together, its really a great show. I remember when a divorced family wouldn't even be showcased on television, so it's nice to see a comical example of the real issues that come with divorce and exes and stepkids.

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Posted by anonymous
12.02.13 9:10am
my mom raised me, my bro, and sis with depression. she has never taken care of it. currently she lives in my sister's livingroom. she has never done drugs, doesn't drink or anything. she retired in november. she embarasses me. i feel like she wants me and my siblings to take care of her. we're not going too. she also has a mean streak. she lived with my family for a few months until she got in ds's face when he was 9 and cussed and screamed at him. i kicked her out. she's just so needy and tries to make people feel bad for her. i don't!

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Posted by anonymous
11.23.13 1:26am
Confession time. I started making Thanksgiving dinners at my house because I was so sick and tired of my siblings complaining about the food my mom would make. If she didn't make the type of potatoes or pie, whatever. So now that its at my house, I put together the menu and if they don't like it TOO BAD GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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Posted by anonymous
11.22.13 4:46pm
Note to adult mooching children: It's time to invite your parents and your siblings to YOUR house every year for the work-intensive holiday celebrations. Getting born doesn't qualify you to free dinners for the next 60 Xmas, T'giving, Easter, etc. Your parents want a break. you barely help. The work is too much for them, and if you cook (& clean & shop & cleanup), you can do it your way. Win win!

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Posted by anonymous
11.20.13 3:34pm
I grew up in the foster care system. So did my siblings. Between the 6 of us, we've been in more than 15 different homes. That's 15 different families. Not one family was in it for any other reason other than the extra money it provides. No, it's not a lot. But it isn't bad and it can supplement a household budget. Not one cared about what I was going through, or that I was away for my family. Not one made any effort for us to stay in touch with each other. Now we are all pretty much strangers. Foster parenting is not for the feint of heart, and it should never be for financial gain

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