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Posted by anonymous
04.08.13 12:46pm
It's hard being close-knit with a big family. Nobody has the time to keep up with 8 siblings' lives and half the time you feel bad if you only keep up with some, so you don't do any. My very small family that lives both on East and West coast is a thousand times closer than my husbands huge family that all live within minutes of eachother.

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Posted by anonymous
04.05.13 10:52am
I am mixed race. I have been told all my life how stunningly beautiful I am. Not so much anymore because I'm getting older, but I still hear it often enough. My siblings are also very good looking. Shrug. Genetics.

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Posted by anonymous
03.30.13 4:30pm
I know someone personally who was one of 3 siblings whose parents were aunt/nephew. You could tell.

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Posted by anonymous
03.28.13 2:47pm
I think I'm destined to kill myself. I don't know when though.. good thing I don't have any kids and am only a girlfriend, not a wife (of nearly 8 years at that). No one would be too upset. My parents and siblings are too far up their own and eachothers butts and I'm too much of a beach to have friends.

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Posted by anonymous
03.26.13 11:09am
My husband and I lived with his parents for several months while he was looking for a job right out of graduate school. His younger brother (college age) was living with them as well. The entire time we lived with them I was making mental notes on what NOT to do when raising children and handling older kids. My husband and one of his siblings turned out well but the others not so much.

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Posted by anonymous
03.25.13 9:43pm
My mom is quite ill and is dying a slow death. My sibling and I had no choice but to put her in a nursing facility since her home can't be adapted for her. I feel awful that she is dying and I can't see her more. She lives 2 hours from me. I wish I could go daily but I have 4 small kids and don't have any babysitting around. My heart is breaking and I don't know what to do.

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Posted by anonymous
03.24.13 10:49pm
I don't visit my mom. In my childhood, she was messed up on drugs and so abusive. She got cleaned up when I was a teenager and the moment I turned 18 I chose to stop visiting her. She is clean and a nice mother to my siblings, we talk on the phone but I choose not to visit her because I still feel awkward and hurt. I can't see her being a good mom to the others because it just reminds me constantly what I didn't have. I hate being blamed and called a bad daughter for it but it all hurts to this day. I forgive but I just can't forget it and sweep it all under the rug like the others.

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Posted by anonymous
03.21.13 8:30pm
I'm the most attractive person in my family. I'm not stupid, however growing up I thought I was. I think my parents let me believe this because I was better looking than my siblings.

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Posted by anonymous
03.21.13 1:30pm
My parents were pretty normal loving parents and they rarely fought but when they did it was hell. Nothing but screaming, hitting and things breaking for a week. It was like they bottled everything up for those few times a year that it happened and you always knew a few days before that it was going to happen because every time they spoke you can feel the tension building up. When I was 13 I would take my two younger siblings to my friend's house after school for the whole week but Saturdays was chore day so I had to stay home and that was the worst.

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Posted by anonymous
03.20.13 10:41pm
One of my siblings is visiting from out of state for just three days. I am making up excuses to avoid a visit. Too much drama, too much history. This person is toxic and very unhealthy. I am making the right choice for me- I am sure of it. Wish I could do it without the guilt.

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