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Posted by anonymous
11.21.12 5:09am
I am horrified by the rich kids on instagram tumblr. I want to smack their parents and ask them how could you let your child act like that? I am not jealous. I have plenty of $ myself but you would never know it. In this economy to fly your kids on a private jet to a football game to let them party half naked n a yacht, to run up a $110,000 bill on Dom & caviar then post a pic of the receipt, is in utter bad taste. These kids have nothing to look forward to as they grow older, having it all so young.

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Posted by anonymous
11.17.12 6:52pm
My husband is a plastic surgeon, a really good one. I could have free plastic surgery if I want, but I don't want to be just a "patient" to him. I want to always be special and just his wife, not one of the women he sees naked at work.

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Posted by anonymous
11.17.12 2:02pm
My husband actually got mad at me for buying some baby clothes at the Goodwill. He told me we shouldn't buy anything because he was sure we'd get a shower and his family wouldn't let the baby be naked. Dude, it's OUR kid. I am not going to expect someone else to buy what he needs, he is our responsibility. And there's not been any mention of a shower anyway and we only have 2.5 months left. We're running out of time!!!

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Posted by anonymous
11.04.12 6:29am
My DD's used to play together naked after their bath and I walked in on them one time exploring each other's "parts" with their fingers. It was all I could do not to act horrified...

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Posted by anonymous
10.09.12 3:23pm
I'm 5' 7" and weigh 155lbs. Everybody says I look thin, but my stomach is huge! I just dress well and suck it in. I'm ashamed of how I look naked. I lost a bunch of weight but have put back on 8lbs. It is amazing what a difference 8lbs makes, I felt good about myself then.

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Posted by anonymous
10.04.12 4:02am
If you were made invisible, would your clothes be invisible too or would you have to take them off? This is a question that has plagued me since childhood ,when I used to want to be invisible. I would wonder about the wintertime. Would I have to run around naked to stay invisible? Brrr!

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Posted by anonymous
10.03.12 7:49am
If I were invisible there are quite a few people I'd want to see naked. The hard part would be not touching them. I suppose I could watch them and touch myself.

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Posted by anonymous
10.03.12 4:12am
My boyfriend's shape is so weird. He's super tall and skinny with a stick-out pot belly. I really try not to look at him naked.

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Posted by 911mommy
09.30.12 10:58pm
I love my SIL, but she can be such an idiot. My DS4 is not allowed in the room when her or my LB are changing my nieces diapers (1 and 2 1/2 yoa)If my DS4 is playing in the living room (at my parents house mind you) and they decide to change them there, he has to leave...yet they post videos on FB with her running around their own place naked. Their reasoning is because they don't want for anyone to see them naked, yet they put it on FB where the whole world can see? I have a DD9, I understand protecting them...but don't expose her naked butt to the whole damn world.

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Posted by anonymous
09.26.12 6:15pm
When I was heavier, I thought I looked better naked. Now that I'm skinnier, I think I look better with clothes on. I don't understand that.

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