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Posted by anonymous
01.07.13 8:18am
I think I look better naked with a little extra weight, but my clothes don't look as good and my wardrobe becomes limited. It makes getting dressed a pain sometimes. I can't go out and buy new clothes, even secondhand right now, plus i like my clothes. Lol, I wonder which DH cares more about.

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Posted by anonymous
01.03.13 9:09pm
Nobody bats an eye at the almost naked giant pictures of women in the lingerie store displays/ads. Showing boobage and cleavage in a sexual way in order to sell under garments is perfectly fine. But the moment a nursing mother feeds her hungry baby and suddenly people are all up in arms about seeing a little boob? Give me a break! Makes no sense to me.

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Posted by anonymous
12.28.12 10:03am
Dh tooled through the movie selections on FIOS, we settled on some obscure spy flick( are there ratings posted?). Of course there's always a sexy woman in these movies, she's on her tummy naked, very short, tame scene, DS14 is rivoted. Dh had the remote, I would've changed channels at this point. Next scene she rolls over, DH just sits there staring, I exclaimed, "Geez, just serve it up on a platter for the child Dh!" Agape he fumbles for the remote. Nothing wrong with the human body just beyond awkward for all involved.

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Posted by anonymous
12.20.12 9:05am
My DD4 was naked flips down our hallway and I made a flippant joke about it. She was embarrassed and ran off to put clothes on. I felt AWFUL. I never ever want her to have body issues like I have struggled with. So I stripped down naked and asked her to join me for some more flipping. I felt like a fool, but she had such a good time!

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Posted by anonymous
12.12.12 5:16pm
I'm so used to seeing naked people at this point it doesn't even register with me. Picking out pasties or sex toys with friends is as normal to me as clipping coupons. My life is a little weird sometimes but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything

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Posted by anonymous
12.10.12 6:00pm
My FB friend sent her son to a retreat and been born again now! She posts how she hates all the things that people like and share and how she has to put up with the sex and naked women and aborted fetuses on her page. Really?! What about your happy now mad next manic up and down drama blasting full force from your status updates? You think we should have to ride your mood swings too?! Today your all holy and moral this is the same chick who wanted to bone random guys while she is married!

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Posted by anonymous
12.05.12 3:10am
I dont undestand these celebrities who "accidentally" leak or tweet their naked/scantily clothed pictures.

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Posted by anonymous
12.04.12 4:53am
My mom and dad were very freewheeling hippie types who used to walk around naked in the house and talk about the beauty of the human body. I used to beg them to put clothes on as a child and am still dressing very modestly today as an adult.

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Posted by anonymous
11.29.12 3:48am
Ok so ds3 is finally going to the potty at home and school!! Only problem is , he will not poop in the toilet. I've tried letting him sit in it, letting him walk around naked, forcing him to sit on the toilet, bribery... Nothing works... I'm seriously ready to quit.

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Posted by anonymous
11.25.12 9:35am
So. You get to go spend a whole work day's worth of time - 10 hours - out gambling with your dad. On the only day this weekend we had a chance to just hang out and relax. Fine. The weekend after your bachelor party, which you left for early and came home from all hung over. Yeah, I expected that but still. And you still have naked pix of your effing ex in your email, which you didn't delete ecen after you realized they were there still, months after you deleted them off your computer. And now I'm home with the kids and the dogs and the chores and I'm feeling irrelevant and inadequate and fat.

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