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Posted by anonymous
05.05.13 10:29pm
I texted a relative to ask if they had watched a certain TV show and along with the Yep! I also got the TMI that it was Naked TV night. Ew. Didn't want to know that.

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Posted by anonymous
04.23.13 6:00am
A friend found a full frontal naked pic of a 12yo boy on her 11yo DD's cellphone. They called the state police. They're trying to find out if there are naked pics of their 11yo daughter out there in the world somewhere. They also found that she had joined a 'singles' website online. Troubling. I don't think she'll have another phone until she's in college. The parents are freaking out. With good reason. And they're a normal, typical family. No abuse or poverty or adverse circumstances at all. You just never know what kids are gonna do.

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Posted by Gardenmommy
04.03.13 5:15pm
Your 3 year old is running around the park in a sheer dress up shrug (chest exposed) plus sheer tights with undies showing. That's it. It's 62 degrees. I kept that opinion to myself. When I said "kiddo, go tell your mom you peed your pants" and I got stink eye from you for interrupting your chat with the other moms ignoring their kids, yeah. Then I judged. Your kid is cold, wet, naked, and getting pee on the jungle gym. Time to put the phone down.

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Posted by anonymous
04.02.13 5:51pm
My sister is mentally ill but as she’s never hurt herself/others we can’t force treatment on her. She can’t hold down a job or place to live. Yesterday she came for a surprise visit with her new man. They do puppy play (BDSM) where she’s his dog..wears a collar/dog mask/fake tail & fur coat so she isn’t naked, he leads her around by leash on all fours, she eats from a bowl on the floor, only goes to the bathroom outside (she did on our front lawn)..24/7 all the time. And she consents so it’s not abuse. I don’t think S&M is wrong (DH and I do it sometimes) but I don’t want them around my kids.

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Posted by anonymous
03.27.13 3:46pm
My 3 year old daughter likes to run around the house naked all day every day. I get tired Of seeing her little butt running down the hall way. Atleast she will wear clothes when someone is coming over or if we go out :/

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Posted by anonymous
03.25.13 4:39am
I found a video of my mom just a minth before she went completely crazy. Like mental institution crazy from addiction to rx meds, bipolar, etc. picked up off the street running naked crazy. That was 5 yrs ago. She looked like a maniac. Now she is clean, looks so much better, and is a joy to be with. If she hadnt lost her mind and was committed she woukd have died. Im so happy to have her back.

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Posted by anonymous
03.07.13 12:15pm
Why why why??? would you have professional half naked glamour shot style photos of your pregnant 15 DD taken and then post them on FB? The pics are slightly disturbing let me tell you!

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Posted by anonymous
03.07.13 11:55am
I have a friend who has a plaster bust of her naked self from waist-up at 9 months pregnant... hanging over her child's crib. I think it wins for creepy.

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Posted by anonymous
02.21.13 10:10am
So I found that my 13 year old son just tried to look at naked women on our ipad, the first time and he was caught! I remained calm and told him that in NO way was that behavior allowed in my home and that women are not to be ogled for the male instant gratification! I told him he now has to earn my trust back and I changed the passwords to our computer and put on parental controls. I new this day would come but thought he would look into my fitness mags. but this was a total shock. I know it's a normal curiosity and he is completely embarrassed and ashamed of doing it and getting caught!

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Posted by anonymous
02.15.13 9:08pm
In an effort to spice things up, DH and I were looking at amateur and rate me sites. On one of them we found a pic of our soon to be 19 year old DD. Completely naked, in the mirror from ALL angles, with her face included. We are beyond mad and mortified (not so much that she would take a pic like that, but that she would be so stupid as to include her face in it) She already emailed the site and had it taken down, but a google search shows it has been posted to at least 50 other sites and downloaded who knows how many times. I feel sick. She has her whole life ahead of her.

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