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Posted by anonymous
09.19.13 11:10am
I am tired of my husband's pornography addiction. I don't get it. I have, or at least had, eyes only for him. I had no desire to see other men naked. The thought of it actually disgusted me, until I recently decided I am leaving him because I have had enough. Just now a man wanting to give a quote for wrapping vinyl on our porch showed up at the door, and he looked like an ex-boyfriend from my past that I had some of the hottest sex with in my entire life. If I see him in again, I will invite him in and make the smut my husband looks at online look as innocent as bible school.

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Posted by anonymous
09.12.13 12:10pm
kids will be home in 45 minutes. I'm still naked, waiting for my nails to dry so they don't smudge while I get dressed...

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Posted by anonymous
08.16.13 2:40pm
We were watching Ellen reruns the other day and Ellen and Rihanna were talking about Rihanna's eagle tattoo that is under/between her breasts. Friend goes "well that must be akward for Rihanna" I ask why and she says "because she's got a lesbo talking about her boobs" and I asked why that would be akward considering she's practically naked on a magazine cover, and cd cover. "Because Ellen obviously is trying to see them!" I'm pretty sure this friend doesn't like/is akward around lesbians...

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Posted by anonymous
08.14.13 9:09am
So, you posted a photo of you and your boyfriend on FB. And you are in bed together... and it's obvious though the blankets are on, the 2 of you are naked... and just got done doing it... oh nooo, that's not trashy or tacky at all. We all totally wanted to see that.

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Posted by anonymous
07.24.13 6:25pm
I spent most of my pregnancy, from the 2nd trimester on, naked. Got home, stripped and relaxed. Drove my husband crazy, he is lucky I was crazy horny.

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Posted by anonymous
07.24.13 8:46am
Dh is at work and forgot his cellphone at home. He is kind of freaking out, messaging me on Facebook to please bring it to him. I don't understand why he needs his phone so bad. I hate that he is one of those people that feels naked without it, he is always on that stupid thing. I'm seriously tempted to just not bring it to him!

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Posted by anonymous
07.15.13 8:30am
I am 5' 8" and about 220-225. My husband sees me naked often, knows my numbers and tells me that I am beautiful and says stuff like, "Do you even know how awesome you look with no clothes on?" Now .. if "I" could think that way about myself ....

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Posted by anonymous
07.06.13 2:42pm
I hate being naked.

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Posted by anonymous
06.15.13 11:18pm
DATE RAPE. I'm worried my son was a witness. He wants to know why birthday boy was naked when he walked in.

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Posted by anonymous
06.06.13 10:45am
Today is a half day and I decided that I'm not going to use my morning to clean or grocery shop. So here I am, on a thursday morning, laying naked in my bed relaxing after taking a bubble bath and watching the season finale of a tv show. Aww me time.

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