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Posted by anonymous
06.23.12 9:55pm
I've never seen anyone who "shouldn't" be in a bikini. I spent a summer in South Florida and sure, there were 250-lb women in bikinis at the beach--because with the heat index it was 115 with 98% humidity! You kidding? In that kind of heat even being NAKED is too hot. And nobody cared, because contrary to popular belief South Beach is NOT full of hotties with perfect bodies--far from it! 90% completely average people of all sizes and it was all about catching some rays and enjoying the day. If you don't like how someone looks in their bathing suit, stop looking and get over yourself.

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Posted by anonymous
06.23.12 4:05am
So maybe I"m uptight that I don't let my kids see me naked. I am just really not comfortabe with it. Didn't do it in my house growing up and I turned out OK.

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Posted by anonymous
06.17.12 5:05pm
I don't care about the feelings of those assholes who line up on the sidewalks of Vegas handing out cards with naked women on them. They are lined up to where you cannot walk 20ft without encountering at least 2-4 people flicking cards at you. Piss off. Some are aggressive too. Sin City sure, but not all of us are interested in random pussy or dick so back off and STFU.

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Posted by barb7798
06.11.12 7:20pm
"No pressure" potty training may not work for everyone, but it did for me. We used pullups with the feel wet lining, tried having her naked all day, put her in panties in the hope that she'd feel discomfort if she peed herself...nothing. I got frustrated and decided just to mention it now and again, encourage her, and remind her of the potty whenever I changed her. One day, about 2 months ago, she just went and sat on her potty, and that was it (she's 3). Not one single wet pair of panties, not even overnight, since then. Sometimes, it really is just a matter of waiting till they're ready.

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Posted by anonymous
06.11.12 11:36am
DH wants me to give his dd5 baths when she comes cause she feels more comfortable with me, a girl, giving her bath and dh doesn't like the idea of seeing his dd naked at that age. I told him she is *your* daughter, you made, she is not my child, you give her a bath! I don't care what she wants or what you want, she is not *my* child. You take care of her. I married *you* I didn't marry your kids. He's mad, but oh well. Step kids are not my responsibility.

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Posted by anonymous
06.08.12 10:41pm
Discussing her 3 year old brother being born, and how he did not have anything when he was born, specifically paper, he was naked. 5 year old daughter says, "Was he covered in blood?!!" Ahhh. Things kids say.

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Posted by anonymous
06.08.12 12:44pm
If I win the lotto, I'm going take a lot of cash and throw it on my bed and roll around in it naked.

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Posted by anonymous
06.07.12 2:27pm
Last night when I put a piece of chicken on dd5 plate, she took the skin off and said "now the chicken is naked." I think she has my dh funny personality, she says the oddest most creative stuff.

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Posted by anonymous
05.30.12 3:16pm
The first Christmas my husband and I were married, we went to my parent's house on Christmas day in the morning to open presents and have brunch. My mom was still in her nightgown/robe. She crossed her legs and gave everyone including my husband a view of her not wearing any underwear. My husband says he is still scarred from it (I am too a bit). We both think it was on purpose since it also happened to my sisters ex. I Have small children who are still young enough to see me naked but am still conscious if I am not wearing any underwear. My mom is a weird woman.

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Posted by anonymous
05.30.12 9:56am
I asked DS14 to bring his laundry hamper down to the basement. I proceed to sort clothes, ME:Did you go to school naked this week? There are only three items in your hamper. DS: No, all my dirty clothes are on top of my dresser. ME: Why? DS: Because there's stuff on top of my hamper. ME: massive eye roll, deep breath...time for DS to do his own laundry, then he really will go to school naked.

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