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Posted by anonymous
01.02.12 5:36pm
I am a SAHM. I have never held a paying job in our ten year marriage. I drive a great car. I live in a big city, in a great building. I spend money how ever I want, whenever I want. My kids have what they need and are given generous allowances to buy things (they have to save and make choices). I pretty much run our home and control our finances. I am a complete prude and am not very nice to my husband. I know this. I wish I could stop being like this. All he wants is a BJ once in a while, more than regular sex 2-4 times a week. I keep waiting for him to leave me because I can't do it.

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Posted by anonymous
12.29.11 5:16pm
Every single day my DH says "thank you" and lists off all the things I did that day for our family. I don't expect thanks, I'm a SAHM by choice and I enjoy it. Still, its nice that he recognizes what I do all day too. I too, thank him for making "our life" possible in terms of finances, and often tell him how much I appreciate the load he bears on his shoulders being the sole fiscal provider for our family. We've been married for 15 years, we have three children. We have a good life.

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Posted by anonymous
12.25.11 3:57am
my MIL gives lousy cheap gifts (they have a lot of money so it isn't finances and it isn't anti-materialism since she spends like a maniac). I know she will get me something awful, but I still picked out three nice gifts for her. Every year I say I am going to stiff her and I don't. I just am not good at giving cruddy gifts.

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Posted by anonymous
12.18.11 8:23pm
I've had to give up two dogs because of others. One was put to sleep to please my mother, the other given to the pound because my husband royally screwed our finances and we had to move into a tiny little dump where we could only take one pet - the kids' cat won. I'll never forgive them, and I'll never forgive myself for allowing them to have that kind of power over me. I miss those dogs every damn day of my life and would gladly trade my mother and husband both for to have those dogs again.

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Posted by anonymous
12.14.11 3:48am
There are two very important conversations you need to have before getting married. How you plan to manage finances together and whether or not you plan to have children and how you wish to raise them. Sure, plans can get derailed and people change their minds....but generally you should get a sense of where each other is starting from.

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Posted by anonymous
12.12.11 7:46am
I think the Duggars are disgusting. Being a parent is more than finances. It also entails not passing off the next oldest baby to its nearest teenage sibling to essentially raise for you because you're still getting knocked up close to fifty. How much quality time do either of these parents really spend with their kids? The youngest will regard their "buddy" as the real parent and the older kids will come to know life as little but having to be parents well before they should.

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Posted by anonymous
11.21.11 7:04pm
OH SHIT! DH has been on the road and was texting me in the middle of the night last Friday about finances. I was exhausted so I stopped answering and set his calls to go to voicemail. I completely forgot to change it back. He's pissed because he's been trying to call me the past couple days and can only reach me via text. Crappppp

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Posted by anonymous
11.10.11 4:02am
I don't care if you have kids or not. I don't care if you have higher education or not. I don't care if you're married, single, gay, agnostic.......I don't care if you want to stuff radishes up your butt. I really don't. But to mock me choices? That just shows how much of a problem YOU have. I am OK with my lack of sleep and tighter finances, what's it to you? For a "boring mom" you sure seem to find me fascinating.

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Posted by anonymous
11.06.11 9:08pm
After 4 years of my husband trying to make it on his own, he finally got a job. Good salary with benefits! I am so excited and looking forward to being on top of our finances again and having a disposable income to play with. The stress is lifting off my shoulders. Thank you.

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Posted by anonymous
10.27.11 10:02am
My cousin (g'ma's cousin) is 90 and is starting to really lose it. She'd be horrified by the state becoming involved, but she's starting to bounce cheques, have delusions, etc. I'm the person she trusts most and I honestly have NO idea what's best for her. Better to be free or to have your life / finances under control and your safety ensured? And how can _I_ make that decision for _HER_ ... but at some point someone will have to decide. She is going down hill fast.

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