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Posted by anonymous
02.02.12 1:02pm
I have saved so much money that I know longer know how much money I have saved. I remember when I knew - out of panic - my finances down to the last penny. Proud of me for coming this far! Maybe I'll go buy myself something nice as a treat for having done so. :-)

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Posted by anonymous
02.01.12 9:51pm
Babies fix everything. rocky marriages,unsteady relationships, fear of not "fitting in", fear of working, shaky finances,boredom, low self esteem, lack of attention, domestic abuse, All these problems can be swept away by simply having a baby. At least that's the way it appears.

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Posted by anonymous
01.31.12 9:47am
You are responsible for your finances. If you let someone else take over your bills/taxes/payments and they screw up, don't blame them. Blame yourself.

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Posted by anonymous
01.30.12 11:17am
I'm working on full sleeve tattoos. I had a baby a few years ago so I stopped getting them because of finances. But now we're doing great so I'm going to see about getting some more work done. Every tattoo I have has a personal meaning.

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Posted by Gardenmommy
01.27.12 11:14pm
I left my mentally ill ex to save our lives. We were in danger. My career, finances, and retirement will never be the same. Ex breaks kiddo's heart routinely and I pick up the pieces. Anyone want to tell me I'm a tramp or a slut for being a single mom? This is HARD. I'm a BETTER mom to my daughter for leaving him. We have less stuff. I have less money. It sucks. It's worth it. Anyone who can't see that there are good reasons for single parenthood is a dumbass

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Posted by anonymous
01.25.12 9:01am
I have a hard time respecting people who turn a blind eye to injustice. If it was YOUR child being taken, used like an animal and thrown away like trash- you'd want the world to care. But you choke your conscience you so can buy cheap toys and clothes and food. This shit pisses me off so much. And you use finances as an excuse. As if your American lifestyle actually requires you to use slaves. SLAVES! Get that into your greedy brain and change your lifestyle! Once you know, it's your responsibility to act. You might call my passion crazy, but I call your indifference downright evil.

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Posted by anonymous
01.20.12 3:16am
Personally, I find other peoples' finances really interesting. I'm not being sarcastic. It's interesting to learn how other people live in other parts of the US.

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Posted by anonymous
01.19.12 5:49pm
1200 mortgage, 800 (2) car payments, 550 food/groceries, and I honestly don't know what else we pay for anything, because my husband takes care of finances. All I know is that he does a great job, and I love him for it :)

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Posted by anonymous
01.19.12 10:53am
i have recently realized (and then wondered why) that from a VERY early age, girls are into boys. in kindergarten girls chase the boys and try to kiss them. young girls have crushes on pop stars, and have "boyfriends" in class, as young as preschool. boys don't do this. why the hell are girls soooo focused on boys all their lives? as a tarot card reader, i've learned that men very rarely ask about their love life or women, instead ask about work, friends, finances, etc, but it is basically the ONLY question women ask about.

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Posted by anonymous
01.07.12 8:16pm
A divorce can wreck finances. Even people who think they will never need one should plan ahead and keep a separate account or cash tucked away just in case. Then he can't tell you he'll take everything because he won't know about everything.

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