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Posted by anonymous
06.06.12 11:56am
My DH makes PLENTY of sacrifices. He is the sole wage earner for our family of 5. With his income he clothes, feeds, shelters and provides healthcare and transportation. He also contributes to OUR 401K, and the 3 kids educations. He earns all the money, and its spent on 4 other people. THAT is a sacrifice in my eyes. He also sacrifices the chance to see his kids in all their school "stuff" and sports activities due to work and travel. (he makes most of them, but sometimes work gets in the way). I sacrificed my career to raise the kids. He sacrificed his finances to support us.

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Posted by anonymous
05.14.12 9:28am
i hate how divorce is thrown around so easily. I need to divorce my husband because he doesn't talk to me. because he spends $ friviously. because he wont help with the kids. because he works too much. because he's bald. Go to therapy TOGETHER. read marriage books. Take a finances class. talk about boundries. Make a schedule of your time together. Turn off your cable and internet to force interaction and IMPROVE your QUALITY of life. or just walk away, whatever works best for you...

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Posted by Mom2Girls
05.01.12 2:45pm
I'm seriously at the point where I don't want to donate money anymore. I just got a call from one organization I supported monthly and I had to quit due to finances. They are treating my donation like a bill that is past due. They've called me twice and wanted the $17 I normally donate or a one time fee of $35. Sounds like they want me to pay to make them quit bugging me. Geeze.

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Posted by SakuraAnn
04.25.12 7:49pm
I'm a SAHM and I'm in charge of all the finances.

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Posted by anonymous
04.17.12 9:52am
I wonder how many people would have less regrets about having children if they were better planned in terms of finances, education, life experiences of the parents, especially the mom.

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Posted by anonymous
04.15.12 6:44pm
I wish I was pregnant again, but we can't afford it right now. We can barely afford the one child we do have. Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer until we get our finances under better control.

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Posted by anonymous
04.02.12 3:18pm
I'm moving 2k mi away from my kids for a year. Need to get finances straight and go to school. Will they hate me? Should I just stay and make minimum wage for the rest of my life?

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Posted by anonymous
03.29.12 10:45am
My husband leaves all the bills to me and we are so far in debt right now and he has no clue. I try to talk to him about our finances but it goes in one ear and out the other. I am slowly starting to pay it down but I feel like it just isn't budging. I just want my family to have some financial freedom. I am so stressed about this.

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Posted by anonymous
03.28.12 7:47am
We have 3 employees here. One has been on unemployment since new years. One hasn't had a check since new years. The one guy that has been getting paid is the one that can't manage his own household finances and lives paycheck to paycheck his whole life. I'm so sick of hearing this guy spout off about politics. seriously STFU.

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Posted by anonymous
03.26.12 7:09pm
People may not like Al Sharpton, hell, neither do I. But, I have worked in the urban community and he is what we call "a necessary evil". So many people within lower income communities get blown off by the police and the court system so much, simply because they are not educated, or lack finances or resources, or yes, simply because of the color of their skin.Sharpton is there to make people take notice and do their job for ALL the people, not just who "they" choose. So yes, he is a pain in the ass blowhard, but his presence is badly needed by some if only to make others stay on their toes.

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