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Posted by anonymous
07.08.12 7:56am
My boyfriend is an awesome man in most ways but in one way he drives me crazy. He can't manage finances. Money just leaks away from him like he's got holes in his pockets. He is always in debt. He makes a good living but sucks at getting things paid off or paid on time. I worry I will saddle myself with a giant financial problem if I marry him.

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Posted by anonymous
07.04.12 1:25am
My dh treats me like shit because he knows I cant leave since I have no money. We have different bank accounts and finances are seperate. FUCK YOU DH!! He gets this smirk on his face when we fight because he knows how badly I want to leave but I cant. [please spare the whole you can just leave crap]

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Posted by anonymous
06.27.12 2:22pm
I have 3 kids. I wish I could have 6! But because of finances this is probably it for us. It makes me so sad!

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Posted by anonymous
06.21.12 8:03pm
I'm starting to get really worried that I might be pregnant. If I am, it will be my third pregnancy in as many years. I have a 2009 toddler, a 2011 baby and if I am, the baby will be due March 2013. I'm terrified of the strain on our finances, our marriage...everything. At the same time, a tiny part of me is excited about the thought of another (our last) child.

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Posted by anonymous
06.13.12 1:08pm
I want to get my bf a tool belt for fathers day, but I can't because I deposit my paychecks into his bank account and he only gives me a small amount of money each week from his account, around $50-$60. I use this money for gas or extra splurges like Starbucks. I told him I know what I want to get him and he said so, why don't you get it then? You don't give me extra $$ that's why, jerk! So, I'm going to Sears & going to take a pic of a tool belt and text him happy fathers day, this is the gift I wanted to get you! But your so stingy with our finances.

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Posted by anonymous
06.13.12 10:16am
I should have filed for bankruptcy. I didn't want to when I got divorced because I didn't want my credit ruined. I wanted to be responsible & was down to the bone with my finances, not a penny extra, to try to pay the $20K. A medical bill of $5K later meant I also maxed out my credit card. At the end of this month I will have paid the loan/card off but have zero saved. It took almost 14 years! If I had filed, I would have been free sooner, my credit repaired by now (10yrs) & had at least $6K in the bank. Being responsible was stupid. And no, I don't feel better having taken the "high road"

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Posted by anonymous
06.12.12 2:25pm
I really screwed up with our finances this month. Instead of trying to figure out how I'm going to get out of this, I'm coming clean to DH. I'm stressed to the max trying to hide my errors. I do this way too often. He deserves the truth. I'm not 30 days late or anything like that. We just spent too much this month. We have to start looking as purchases as "want vs. need."

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Posted by anonymous
06.11.12 7:53am
I re-enrolled in college classes after being out of school for almost 3 years. I originally dropped out due to stress and finances, and started working full-time. I'm finally in a position where I can work and take most of my classes online. I feel so unprepared and out of the loop when it comes to anything college/financial aid/advising. Classes start next Monday, and I'm already scared about failing out.

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Posted by anonymous
06.10.12 9:59pm
One of my friends spilled the beans to me what she made a year and all the perks of her job, and while I was happy for her felt a twinge of jealousy and annoyance at her constant complaint of money. A single mom under 30 making over 90k a year while I am a single mom looking for work that made last yr 16k due to being laid off. She has everything. It was bothersome, and I was bothered by the sharing of finances.

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Posted by anonymous
06.07.12 9:04am
I'm not sure what to make of my friend. She knows my Dh and I have been struggling so hard this year with finances. Yet she is always telling me about her new car, her new beach house and her new clothes. I know she has money to burn and I don't resent it. But I feel like WHY would you flaunt your good fortune so obviously???

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