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Posted by anonymous
10.01.12 9:24am
I know I am beyond blessed in my life in many ways. However, our finances, constant fighting with my husband and feeling like a single parent to our kids (with another on the way) gets so overwhelming. I want to run away....I really would come back, I just need a break!

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Posted by anonymous
09.13.12 12:05pm
I might have more sympathy for an alcoholic if my husband hadn't tried to strangle me in a drunken stupor, if he hadn't hit the kids, wrecked our only car and destroyed our finances. Sympathy? Yeah not much.

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Posted by anonymous
08.30.12 5:09am
I didn't marry him because I saw how foolish he was with his money. He wasted it constantly and was always late on bills. I know he's a good man otherwise nad he would love kids but he can't handle finances. I am very responsible with money. We would do nothign but fight if I tried to control his spending.

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Posted by anonymous
08.28.12 12:27pm
In seven years,My husbands and I have NEVER fought about money. Even when one overspends. We just figure out a game plan together and fix the budget again. Dont get me wrong, we fight about other things, we just have never had even a small arguement over finances. I dont know why.

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Posted by anonymous
08.27.12 3:11pm
I totally get why most marriages end because of financial struggles. Me and DH have had an incredibly stressful and broke summer to say the least. Behind 3 months on the mortgage, etc...We have struggled in the past but not to this extent. We are both only working part time and when we are together i just wanna choke him! I feel that he is not doing enough to help our situation, and he is just in complete denial and refuses to talk about it. I lay in bed at night and think about our finances, yet he carries on like life is peachy. I'm so stressed my hair is falling out!

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Posted by anonymous
08.24.12 11:30am
How the fuck can a person who is on bedrest with a HIGH risk multiple pregnancy (thanks, fertility drs.) and STILL not done with first trimester AND worried out of her mind about finances go out shopping and buy a new iphone???!!

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Posted by anonymous
08.19.12 2:46pm
When DH and his 1st wife divorced, they agreed on a set amount for child support based on their incomes at the time. They even agreed that they were not to even question each other about finances after that. SO, ExWife does not know that DH has been earning 2X his old salary for several months now, and even if she found out somehow, there is nothing she can do. SCORE!

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Posted by anonymous
08.01.12 1:29pm
I just haven't paid close enough attention to our finances the past few weeks and now after the bills to be paid we'll only have like 100 bucks and that's before groceries and gas. DH is going to be so angry with me. We've bought school clothes and gone out and we shouldn't have. Dang it dang it dang it.

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Posted by anonymous
07.29.12 6:51pm
I am putting my finances together to see if I can afford to be divorced. It looks like things would be pretty tight around here. I'm not sure it's worth it, but I also don't want to stay with DH just for his paychecks.

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Posted by anonymous
07.19.12 12:10pm
Why do people think that if you are a SAHM, you don't have your "own" money? I SAH, so all of DH's earned income is OURS. If I worked all my income would be combined with his to be ours. I don't understand. Honestly, I think its that attitude that makes SAH parents feel less. Not to mention, I don't understand why you would separate finances if you are married (unless its a second marriage).

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