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Posted by anonymous
01.03.13 5:37am
My DH told me I could be a SAHM but finances proved otherwise. We simply couldnt swing it. I know he felt so bad about not being able to let me stay home but in some cases it's just not going to work out. I did not resent him, I got a job.

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Posted by anonymous
12.12.12 8:13am
I wish I could have learned how to manage money better when I was growing up. My parents were terrible with their finances and now I am too.

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Posted by anonymous
12.05.12 10:02pm
Trying to reach out to stepsons. Met them once yrs ago.due to extreme distance,extreme hostility between DH and his ex,and low finances. Not sure how bio mom or step kids react. They haven't met our kids yet,their siblings.

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Posted by anonymous
12.05.12 5:51am
I need to get a handle on our finances. we both spend money thinking there is plenty and then we are broke till payday. i have started hiding/lying to dh about money spent on the kids' clothes too..said i would never do that. change starts today i am sick of feeling guilty and sick of worrying about money!

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Posted by anonymous
11.14.12 9:37am
My dh and I planned before we had kids to have a SAHP. We never sweated our finances because we have always lived below our means. I don't understand why life is so difficult for other people. And no, we don't have help from the govt. or family nor do we have educations.

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Posted by anonymous
11.09.12 6:39pm
If you can't afford a kid or kids then you shouldn't do it until you can. It really is a simple truth. You don't have to have a kid when you are in your late teens or early twenties. Waiting until you can support yourself and a child won't kill you. Sure, something could happen with your finances later, but you have a better chance if you take the time to plan and save before children.

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Posted by anonymous
11.08.12 8:39pm
You never know what kind of finances people have or how much they pay in taxes. We are in the 1% pay nearly half our income in taxes, live in a high cost area and we won't inherit anything from our parents. In fact, we are indeed supporting our parents. I am so sick of the majority in this country acting as if everyone in this tax bracket is first a millionaire (because we are not) and second we are all just like Mitt Romney.

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Posted by anonymous
11.03.12 3:58am
I am on welfare and own a nice bag and some nice clothes ALL from Goodwill. Just because i'm wearing some nice stuff doesn't mean I'm bad with finances.

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Posted by anonymous
10.25.12 8:23am
OP with the separate finances because of the totally irresponsible DH here. Yes, he helps pay bills and groceries. I pay for everything so I know it's paid and don't have to worry, then "tax" him (ask him for a cheque for his share) right after he gets paid each month. But it was me that saved the downpayment and rapidly paid off the mortgage. I'm proud of it. And I agree, he's childish for not even noticing he doesn't take care of his family.

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Posted by anonymous
10.24.12 12:13pm
My mom used to manage all the finances and give my dad an allowance. He would hand her his check, and she would hand him cash. (this was way before direct deposit) Too bad she died. He's already run through her life insurance, and he never even paid off the house, which he took another mortgage out on.

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