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Posted by anonymous
07.08.13 9:40am
I don't think suicide if selfish if you're terminally ill and in pain. Why be a drain on your family and finances?

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Posted by anonymous
06.14.13 2:04pm
So now people in my tiny town know we have money. You know what folks, we've always had money. We're still the same people you DID like when you thought we were more like you. We have not changed, not one bit. Now that you know our finances you decide there's something wrong with us? Seriously? (no we didn't flaunt anything, we don't brag and are very private)

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Posted by anonymous
06.03.13 10:31am
Talked to lawyer in nieces state, who said that because of DV issue niece should leave the state soon as baby is able and start legal proceedings (in state she is fleeing from) as soon as she is safe. We are all trying to get to her ASAP, but there is life and jobs, and small children and finances. Not being callous, but she chose to go back after last assault when there was no baby. We all rescued her THEN and warned her this could happen, but she wanted to work on the marriage. Someone will get there though. H still hasn't been to see baby. He is truly an unstable guy with many issues.

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Posted by anonymous
05.06.13 2:09pm
DH would be so screwed without me. He could not afford to pay someone to do everything that I do. From the finances to appointments, housework, cooking, childcare, taxes, education, research and coorespondance, I handle pretty much everything for him. He does not really pay attention to when or how bills are paid and stuff gets done. He just makes the money and I do the rest. We balance eachother out though because if he stopped making the money, I have no idea how I would make enough to keep us going.

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Posted by anonymous
04.06.13 10:17pm
My mom is dying from cancer rapidly. My sister cannot stop going through her finances and taking note of what is there. It is cruel to do that and she just doesn't get it.

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Posted by anonymous
03.02.13 5:57am
OP of mil selling the house -yeah she can sell the house because it's in her name blah blah blah...but every time she has tried it on her own she cannot manage her finances and she lives in a very unclean way...hope her new neighbors like dirty cat litter and weeks old food wrappers smell

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Posted by anonymous
02.14.13 11:36am
I'm in my 70s and have been taking care of elderly relatives for 2.5 years. I work and must support myself. It's been a financial drain and I'm exhausted. All died but Dad who is now in nursing home and has terminal Alzheimers. He has excellent care. My question is after all these years and calling and visiting, handling their finances, running their business, when is it okay to not go see him any more? He doesn't know me and can't communicate. At what point am I off the hook in this miserable situation? He is 90 and could live for 5 or more years. I want to have a life again.

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Posted by anonymous
01.22.13 7:57am
I had a problem with a mortgage payment once, and the house is in my husbands name, but I do all the finances. Well the lady wouldnt talk to me about it since it was not in my name. I called back and used my husbands name, social, and acct. number. The person who answered that time called me ma'am and said he couldnt allow it after I gave him all the information he asked for. I said I'd like to speak to a supervisor since Joe is odviously a mans name, and I was being mocked because I had a femanin voice. He went ahead and fixed the problem.

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Posted by anonymous
01.05.13 3:08pm
I'm a SAHM and my DH did cheat. It does put you in a horrible psychological position, even if you have a backup plan. For one thing, you agonize over WHY. Then you agonize over whether to keep your family intact. You agonize over how your life will change. Finances are always a part of it too. It's awful. For the record, we seperated for a time and are now back together but it got rocky again recently. He seems to freak out whenever I get pregnant.

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Posted by anonymous
01.05.13 11:27am
I don't understand: you recognize the dangers of the fiscal cliff, but you think taxes shouldn't be raised? Do you have any idea how big the debt really is and where exactly do you think that money can come from? Unless you are very poor, if you are living so close to the line that you can't afford another percent or two in taxes, you need to rethink your finances anyway. Not to mention your priorities. Every Empire falls. Sooner or later. Your choice.

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