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Posted by anonymous
02.16.14 5:58pm
I really can't muster up much sympathy for the people who have died as a result of Neknominate...just for their families. We all do stupid stuff in our teens and 20s, but I don't know anyone stupid enough to down pints of pure spirits. One thing to go out and get too drunk and make a fool of yourself, but this is just ridiculous.

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Posted by anonymous
12.26.13 9:35pm
When my brothers and I were teens we went on vacation to Niagara Falls. One of my brothers was hungry and called out to our dad that he was hungry. This old man turned around and shouted at him to get a job and feed himself. We were all stunned. My brother was 12, not even legally old enough to work, and we were on vacation. We found many people to be super rude there.

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Posted by anonymous
12.07.13 9:09am
Just wondering if the fast food industry will have to pay teens and college students a living wage of 15.00. Most of theses kids are supported by their parents. On the other hand if there is a shortage of workers and people depend on these salaries for supporting families, then of course they need higher wages and benefits. Our employment options have changed in the US as illegal workers take jobs in Manufacturing and construction for less money.

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Posted by anonymous
12.07.13 7:29am
When I was 15, my main concerns in life were friends, high school, going to see my first concert, and my hair. When I was 17, I had been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years, was no longer a virgin, and was looking at colleges. When I was 19, I had already had 2 fairly serious relationships and was in college, planning my future. I was also legally able to vote, buy cigarettes, and join the military. There was a huge gap in maturity from one year to another during my teens. I don't think I'm unique in this. The last thing I needed was an adult trying to get in my pants.

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Posted by anonymous
12.04.13 7:36am
At 16 I was attracted to older men and flirted with the fathers of the children I babysat and taught. How is male creepy by being physically attracted to a sexually mature female who is attracted to him. I think it is completely natural. If the 16 year old is not mentally ready, don't dress and act provocatively. If parents of teens are concerned then be involved in the kids life.

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Posted by anonymous
12.02.13 9:36pm
A police officer arrested three black teens last week as they were standing outside a store in downtown Rochester, New York. Their crime: Waiting for a yellow school bus. The three boys are star athletes & students at Edison Tech high school, and were waiting to be taken to a basketball game. While they were being handcuffed, their coach arrived at the scene and attempted to reason with the cop who threatened to arrest him as well. I doubt 3 white 16/17 year olds would have been arrested and charged with obstructing the sidewalk at their bus stop.

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Posted by anonymous
12.02.13 1:30pm
Being CF has zero to do with disliking children. True there are members of the community who don't, but that doesn't mean that they all do. I personally love kids, but I have no desire to deal with teens and ruin my body/ go into debt to adopt. So, that makes me a professional aunt who just happens to be CF.

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Posted by anonymous
11.30.13 9:05am
Why do CF women have to fight so hard to get sterilized, but teens don't have to fight for prenatal care for their pregnancies? It's so messed up that the doctors can just do that. So much for "my body, my choice."

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Posted by anonymous
11.25.13 5:12am
I am teaching my kids to not throw 'like' into every other sentance. i am also forcing them to talk on the phone instead of texting to build up conversation skills. Im not attractive but i have excellent speaking skills & command of language, it is what has helped me be successful. I want my kids to stand out in contrast to others in their age group, to be able to clarify their thoughts and work. Some of their friends just have no skills at conversation and I think, you are headed to college in a year! Am I the only one that notices teens w a lack of these skills?

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Posted by anonymous
10.31.13 7:55pm
My dad used to make fun of my sister when we were young teens for being flat-chested. Yeah she became a DDD cup so whatever on that dad, time to shut up eh!

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