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Posted by anonymous
04.16.11 10:46pm
I met a chick here & we clicked great! My DH is friends w her DH, so mine texted hers asking for her # to give to me. Her DH gives my DH his own # (It didn't click w my DH that it was the same number). So all this time I think I'm texting with her, he's pretending to be her! I texted earlier to see if we can hang out tomorrow, she emails me bitching me out & ended our friendship. I told her 3times I thought I was texting her, not her DH,yet she still blames me. I've been crying cuz I really liked her. WTF! I'm a victim too, her DH tricked me into thinking I'd been texting her!

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Posted by anonymous
03.25.11 6:50am
I know you were going to swingers parties in Germany and I know you are doing it back home now. I really don't care because it isn't my problem. I just think it is funny to let you keep up the charade about how you are being celibate while you are 'fixing you'. You aren't fooling anyone and it is interesting to see how easily you can lie to people. It makes me wonder if any of our friendship was ever true or if I was just convenient to go to the bar with.

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Posted by anonymous
03.22.11 3:19am
i just dont understand. we are military wives! miles from our homes and family's. yet every person i meet has to gossip and start drama. dude i just got here and i dont know anybody. just wish people were nice and wanted real friendships not act like children!

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Posted by anonymous
02.24.11 2:20pm
Not going to school doesn't make me less of a person but it does make you more of a bitch for thinking so. What happened to basing friendships on personality and not a degree? You can be smart and well spoken without college. There's no rule against it.

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Posted by anonymous
02.03.11 2:09pm
I think we both sense the friendship will not be continued. Neither of us want to say it or do anything like a Facebook delete, but you can just tell there's tension. It's nice because when she moves here we don't have to exchange fake pleasantries or turn each other away. Neither of us will make an effort, and I'm so relieved. I don't think I can handle being around her, especially with her latest news. Ugh, just leave me alone girl, you know it's for the best!

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Posted by anonymous
01.31.11 4:14pm
My DW deployed 2 months ago I'm a stay home Dad my next door neighbor is a good friend since he moved in we clicked from the day we met like we knew each other 4 years he also deployed with my DW. My wife gave his wife my Cell# for emergencies this past 2 weeks shes been sending me erotic text with sexual advances + self naked pics. Should I tell him when he gets back, should I save the text to save my tail? my DW knows I told her she trust me and I trust her shes my life. I don't want 2 lose my friendship with him hes the only male friend and only friend I have on base. what should I do?

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Posted by anonymous
01.20.11 8:01pm
i've informed a few friends of our plans to get married through email... most people ar super excited for us (our family and our closest friends)...but these few people have not responded nor have they ever been super kind to me. its always been a false friendship thing. but one of them wrote on my fb wall "ummm...." - i guess she felt like i owed her a phone call? when other people wrote "congrats". i know i shouldnt care but it makes me sad that some people just cant be happy for us.

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Posted by anonymous
11.30.10 3:00pm
I must not be friend material or something? Im no drama queen or self obsorbed person who needs people to be obsessed with being my friend. I guess I just haven't encountered a single normal person here who can accept the fact that you can be friends with someone and have your own life too. I don't need people in my life and business 24-7. Im a simple person and don't want to be smothered by other people. Sometimes I don't mind being alone rather than stirring up a fake friendship with someone Im not interested in being BFFE with. Get real.

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Posted by anonymous
11.11.10 11:17am
I just ended a friendship with a male friend. He was becoming a real downer. I have had the same boyfriend now for 4 years. My friend hates him. My friend hates everything these days. I could not take it anymore. He had a key to my home and kept showing up while I was out of town. I just came home to all my trees hacked to bits. I told this guy to get out of my life. He kept asking me to marry him. I see know that he has totally deleted himself off facebook etc...see drama...I feel bad but damn he was making me crazy. My boyfriend was okay with this friend until the marriage offers....

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Posted by anonymous
11.09.10 5:03pm
I know you had it rough and what she did to you suddenly makes my friendship look good. But I could tell you were tired of me and things were tense. Now you are moving by me... I don't mind to help out and see each other once in awhile, but don't expect things to go back the way they were. After the new year my availability isn't going to be what it was. It's for the best. No more drama.

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