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Posted by anonymous
07.27.11 7:07am
Your my best friend youve been here for my since high school and i will always love you but what your doing is wrong. Your not 18 anymore, you cant keep pushing you children aside and cheating on your fiance to better suit your life. Ive made mistakes, but ive acknowledged them. You have not and you have no remorse for how your acting. I miss the person you used to be. I dont know this person that you are now. I love you but im going to give our friendship of 9 years some time and space.

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Posted by anonymous
07.22.11 4:18pm
I'm okay with looking like the bad guy because I'm not trying to get him in trouble and I'm keeping my mouth shut about what he did..but when his family calls ME a liar even after HE told them what he did..that makes me want to snap. Yeah, I'm not running my mouth trying to ruin his career, but just because I'm being quiet doesn't mean I'm lying. I just still believe in him as a person and love his friendship. I'm not out to hurt people I care about, no matter how badly he hurt me..and if that makes me the bad guy then I guess I'm just the biggest bitch ever.

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Posted by anonymous
07.19.11 1:15am
WTF! How does a best friend of 8 years let her controlling, horrible BF destroy everything around her? Including a friendship that was more like a sisterhood? I am so freakin sad..She left him moved back home and I just saw on FB that he moved 2,000 miles and they are now back together! LOVELY! Learn that friends are forever, hes not! STUPID ASS!

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Posted by anonymous
07.18.11 7:04pm
I am a horrible person! My next door is going through a divorce, she's been asking me constantly to use my PC, print, watch her kids, affidavit for character witness. Today she came over and asked if she could borrow my car for court. (last week she just wrecked hers and it's still in the shop) I said no and I tried to tell her nicely that I feel she's taking advantage of my friendship. She said she was sorry but she needs help. Well, if you can't be self sufficient now what makes you think you'll be self sufficient later. I feel so guilty about it but GOD... she needs to do it herself.

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Posted by anonymous
06.13.11 5:32pm
I'm so used to being a loner! This friendship business is really kind of exhausting. But it's nice. I hope it stays that way.

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Posted by anonymous
06.12.11 7:32am
I dumped my former BFF. We had been friends for over a decade, but then she stopped contributing to the friendship. I found out she lied about a few things. So, I wrote her and told her I haven't considered us friends in years, and she didn't have to worry about me "bothering" her anymore. I told her she won't be hearing from me anymore, and I blocked her. I needed that closure.

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Posted by anonymous
06.09.11 9:08am
You just keep thinking you're the victim. No lies were ever told about you. The messages that YOU sent to someone else's husband telling him you loved him, that he was your soulmate, and how you so badly wanted to have his babies were what we were told about and SHOWN. And, we were told so that you wouldn't take advantage of OUR friendship and go after our husband's like you did to her. But, you keep thinking, "poor poor me. One person told all these lies to my friends and now they hate me." We just know what you really are even though you don't want to admit it to yourself. SKANK.

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Posted by anonymous
06.06.11 7:47pm
My best friend, whom I met at our first duty station 11 years ago, has become addicted to perscription drugs. I am unsure what to do for her at this point. I have stopped loaning her money and since then only hear from her when she needs something. I'm so sad and know I must mourn the loss of our friendship.

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Posted by anonymous
04.22.11 7:33am
Can't believe how one-sided my DH is being. He is okay to have close friendships with other womemn and hang out and have all kinds of fun. But if I even mention I talked to a guy friend, he blows his stack. He says they are like sisters to him. If I try to say the same about my guy friends, he doesn't believe me. UGH I hate chauvenism!!!!!

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Posted by anonymous
04.18.11 2:54pm
You need to realize when you throw around false accusations, you could not only hurt your own marriage, but other peoples as well! Your insecurities could ruin the lives of other people and children! I'm so grateful I have a DH knows better! You almost ruined 2 marriages, a friendship, and the lives of 3 kids! You did, however, ruin another friendship... ours. You also ruined your husbands image! good job!

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