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Posted by anonymous
02.12.12 5:51pm
OP of 84705. We were only friends about 2 months. She was invited to my house, but I hadn't given her my address yet. My intuitions to not give my address to her right away proved to be right. The way she is acting, I know she'd be pounding on my door harassing me. Nothing went wrong in the friendship, all she did was talk about her ex. I wasn't getting to know HER. We just didn't click.

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Posted by anonymous
01.11.12 12:48pm
Im considering ending a friendship because of her lack of parenting skills. I like her as a person, she is a horrible mom. I cannot stand having my children around her child.

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Posted by anonymous
01.03.12 5:16pm
New to the military and I am already done with other wives, really we aren't' in middle or high school. So, what is with all the drama?? Please tell me this ends and there are normal wives who don't look for friendship for their own gossip girl show!!!

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Posted by anonymous
01.01.12 2:40am
I finally made a friend at our new place and our kids get along GREAT! We exchanged numbers and planned a play date. As we were leaving she mentioned something about her husband being an officer. DH says I can kiss that friendship goodbye. Shitty

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Posted by anonymous
12.11.11 10:29am
I was having a hard time finding friends here, I only have one friend, I met her at the hospital and became good friends with her. I know her for 6 months now and my dilemma is that she confessed to me last night that she slept with my husband drunk a week ago. she told me that she seduced him when she saw him drunk of his mind. I told her thank you for been honest but I need it time to process all this. call me crazy but I think shes lying because he has cheated many times before and I think shes saying that to save my marriage by sacrificing our friendship. I think he seduced he

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Posted by anonymous
12.11.11 2:45am
I'm the one that mentioned a crush... We continued to stay in touch. My crush has evolved into a true friendship (still crushing a bit), it turns out we are in similar places and have been helping each other work things out each others' relationships. We've even discussed our mutual attraction and decided to put it aside. He's probably the reason I am willing to give my husband the second chance he's asking for. Strange how things work sometimes.

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Posted by anonymous
11.12.11 1:54am
We moved to Germany a little less than a year ago. We live in a nice neighborhood about 30 minutes away from base. I have very few friends, 3, two of my friends live about an hour away. Here is the dilemma, my "other friend" is a German single guy who we both have befriended. My husband is having a hard time with me having a friendship with him. I understand him but I personally think it isn't fair to me that he feels this way. I am doing the best I can to stay afloat emotionally here in Germany. How can I handle this? I have a hard time making friends and this leaves me in tough spot.

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Posted by kaitlyn1987
10.23.11 11:34am
You talked horribly about me to my own sister months before our friendship ended.EVERYONE including the ex said you were using me as a babysitter, and dog sitter and that your husband just "used him to fix things for free"(among other things said).I defended you and your husband.I was ALWAYS there.YOU ASSUMED i said all these horrible things and never once came to me as a "best friend".You of all people know i didn't "slut" around or forge any documents.You knew the person that he was.No one deserves that.Stop using my past as an excuse for the shit bag friend you were to me,for months.

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Posted by anonymous
09.18.11 3:19pm
my sil has removed me, for the second time, from her FB friends. Now she has requested my FB friendship again. What to do, what to do.... hmmmm.... (I am push over if i accept, and a bitch if i delcine....)

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Posted by anonymous
08.05.11 12:10pm
My best friend and I grew apart after dh joined the military and we moved away. We talked at least once a week for the first year, then every other week. I always made time to spend time with her, when I would come home. I told her everything and I thought we were okay. Once dh got out and we moved home, it wasn't the case. She made a comment that told me exactly where our friendship stood. We don't talk and I'm fine with that because we obviously do not relate to each other anymore. It happens to best of us. Now that dh is out it's hard to relate to a lot of people but I try.

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