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Posted by anonymous
04.09.12 12:41pm
well that doest make any sense now does it so obvious your lying!!

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Posted by anonymous
03.29.12 11:10am
My massage therapist is amazing. Not just a therapist for my aching body, but for my mind and soul as I feel like he knows exactly when I'm lying or hiding something about my past.

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Posted by Randomness
03.09.12 9:27am
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really excited to go hang out with spin dude and his friends at a spring training game this afternoon! :D

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.12 10:57pm
I'm so flat chested. Even breastfeeding I have very small breasts. I get paranoid that people don't believe that I bf my baby, and think I'm lying. Especially as bub is so big and chunky. Maybe its silly but I too would be suspicious. I joke that I keep milk sacs behind my lungs!

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Posted by xwifey09
01.22.12 7:02pm
Dear Coworker, There is no organic liquor out there. Keep lying to yourself.

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Posted by anonymous
11.14.11 3:03pm
Women's clothing sizes are SO full of it. I wear a 30" in women's, but I just put on a pair of my boyfriend's old size 36 jeans and I could barely button them! I had to suck in & wiggle into them (like that Chingy song, "Dem Jeans") BE HONEST, CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS! You're doing nothing for our body image by lying to us.

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Posted by anonymous
09.07.11 1:34pm
One of the most rewarding feelings I've ever had was looking down at the scale and realizing that I had finally broke 200 pounds. I couldn't believe it. Thought the damn thing was lying to me. I was still overweight (193 Ibs), I had never felt so good about myself. Time to get the feeling back again.

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Posted by anonymous
09.04.11 7:53pm
I will continue to try to lose weight until I can see my vagina while lying down in the tub. Until then, I am a fattie!

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Posted by anonymous
08.30.11 9:41am
I'm overweight. 5'5" and about 170. I've lost about 10 pounds, but am still fat. That said: I totally love going to the beach, lying out (with my SPF 70) and swimming. My friend is very thin, maybe a size 2/4, but thinks she's too fat to wear a bikini in public. I'm sad for her. (And me! She's so fun to hang out with.)

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Posted by anonymous
08.22.11 9:46pm
Oh for fucks sake! I'm not diabetic! I have no under lying health issues. I happen to have over enjoyed food and booze for the last 6 years. Tht is how I got fat. That is why I have high blood pressure. In the last 4 months I have lost 50 lbs. I'm still fat, bit clearly capable of losing weight through diet and exercise! Please for the love of pearl stop sending me for blood work labs to see what's "going on". I got fat, now I'm getting thin, that is all! I hate needles asshole DR! Stop it!

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