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Posted by anonymous
07.06.12 11:56am
Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospitals, dying of nothing.

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Posted by anonymous
07.03.12 6:40am
I try to eat organic/local as much as possible. I just found out, Brown Cow yogurt is owned by Stonyfield, which is owned by Dannon. SO tired of huge corporations LYING about their food so people will buy it.

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Posted by anonymous
06.25.12 12:49pm
I watched a horribly entertaining "based on a true story" movie on Lifetime called "Tallhotblonde" A 47 year old married man w/2 kids started an online affair with what he thought was a 18 year old girl. The married man ended up killing his co-worker because of the affair. Turned out the love of his life was really a 47 year old housewife who who posted her daughter's pictures on several internet dating sites and pretended to be her. He was lying about being 18 years old, what made him think that his internet love wasnt doing the same thing? What an idiot.

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Posted by anonymous
06.15.12 11:27pm
I took a new picture of myself and put it on my fb. A few of my friends tell me how beautiful I look, but I don't feel like I look that way. I feel like I'm lying to them somehow. It makes me feel extremely self-conscious.

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Posted by anonymous
06.11.12 5:45pm
Friend, I know you are trying to lose weight. When you tell me that all you are going to eat today is a salad, a piece of chicken, and an apple, that's not enough food. I have told you millions of times that I eat at least 1600 calories a day and I'm not overweight. If you tell me I must be lying one more time, I will be really mad. Skinny people DO eat!!

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Posted by anonymous
05.29.12 9:28pm
Omg omg omg. I was just lying on my couch in my living room and a hot movie was on, and I started masturbating. Was doing it for quite awhile (it was a HOT movie) when all of a sudden I realized... My neighbors kitchen window looks right down into my living room. I have no idea if they were home at all tonight but all lights are out now. If they were home they got a show! I panicked, shut the lights off and ran upstairs. I'm glad I don't know them well...

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Posted by anonymous
05.28.12 8:59pm
I think a lot of people who say they want to lose weight because they want to be healthy are lying. I think they just want to be thin and conventionally attractive.

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Posted by anonymous
05.09.12 6:24am
When I was 19 I was lying on the floor at my BF's house and his friend was staring at me. When I asked him "what?" he said "I just want to look at you for a while" (BF wasn't in the room) I know it sounds creepy but it wasn't. Years later, we were both divorced and we wound up dating. Hottest sex of my life. After we split (amicably) he reconciled with his wife. I'll never forget him saying that to me, and how beautiful it made me feel. Still have the warm fuzzies for him. :)

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Posted by Randomness
04.26.12 11:12am
I weighed myself yesterday morning was a little heavier and felt fat most of the day. Went to the gym, saw that I was stronger, pushing myself harder and recovering faster. I felt like a badass! You've got to remember sometimes that the scale is a lying biotch and only tells half of the story.

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Posted by anonymous
04.17.12 11:15pm
I was in a terribly abusive (mentally) relationship for 18 months. It's been a year since it was over and I've met the man of my dreams finally. He tells me I'm beautiful every day and all I think is he has to be lying because when I look at myself in the mirror I disgust myself. I'm 21, a junior in college, and in 2 months time went from 293 to 270 pounds.. in a healthy way. I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it for myself, so when I look in the mirror, I can believe his words finally.

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