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Posted by lelovingwife
01.15.10 8:48am
I was a healthy weight until I started living with my sister years ago, then I became seriously obese. When I meet my DH we got healthy together and over a few years making smart choices I lost 80lbs. Even years later after a baby I've still been able to keep the weight off. But for the life of me I can not convince my sis, who's heading for the 250lbs's, to try anything I did. She just gets mad at me if I suggest nicely that she doesn't need the bacon/cheese too or to eat snacks regularly so as not to get too hungry. All said very nicely. But she buys every exercise/weight loss thing there is

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Posted by lelovingwife
07.27.10 8:27pm
Was looking good for the last wedding in did I put this much fat on my body in such a short time?? The next wedding is in 10 days, the pictures from this one are not going to be cute!!!

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Posted by lelovingwife
07.29.10 7:12am
I really wish I felt better about myself right now. I've really chunked up in the last month and tomorrow we're going to a water park with my son's daycare. Here's to wishing my thunder thighs would miraculously thin themselves over night!

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Posted by lelovingwife
07.29.10 7:15am
Interesting that fat weights less then muscle. The scale says I weigh less then I have in a long while but none of my clothes fit. I've also been blessed with the worlds most gruesome case of 'Muffin Top'!!

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Posted by lelovingwife
10.21.10 9:56am
Sister. Just because I'm not 250lbs like you does not mean I am not aloud to acknowledge the 20+lbs I want to lose! Ya to you I look great but I'd like to get back into my pre-preganancy clothing one day!

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Posted by lelovingwife
01.06.12 7:13am
My parents are always late!!!! Never for their jobs but for EVERYTHING else. I was always the last kid picked up growing up, I would eventually have to tell the teacher to leave. So now DS and I have waited over an hour for them to arrive so we can go to the museum. I specifically tell them we need to go places early because by lunch he'll be tired and cranky. Ugh It makes me just want to give up ever doing anything with them.

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Posted by lelovingwife
01.10.12 10:46am
I'm only looking for a job right now so that I can get pregnant with our 2nd around September and get mat leave.

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Posted by lelovingwife
05.12.12 4:43pm
I'm just outside the bathroom door where DS(almost 4) is taking a bath, listening to him playing with his toys. Talking and making up such creative stories for them. Makes me thankful for him. Because without this amazing kid, I wouldn't get to be the amazing Mom I am. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!

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Posted by lelovingwife
12.02.11 6:40pm
I try not to brag too much to my CF friends about the progress of DS 3.5. But I'm going to on Truu tonight: My son can almost write his name perfectly!!!!! I find teaching my child a little something everyday so much fun!

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Posted by lelovingwife
12.22.11 8:37am
It's such an obvious request, but it often gets ignored: Know the man your making babies with!!! I am sick with dread after the judge granted my SIL's ex overnight visitations. Tonight is the 1st night. Will he return DN3 tomorrow or run with him like he's done with his other son from another mother. This guy is a professional manipulator, especially in court. SIL is the 3rd women's life he's destroyed. My heart is heavy...

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Posted by lelovingwife
10.12.10 6:14am
Got to love being 'let go' after working there for 11 days! Why you ask? Because the head of the company decided I didn't make him any extra money to justify my position. I WAS ONLY THERE 11 DAYS, I WASN'T EVEN FINISHED TRAINING!! Besides I wasn't a sales person, I was a visual merchandiser. Maybe if the young girls stop talking about boys and sold something, you'd have sales!! ASSHATS!!

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