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Posted by JustJo
05.06.11 11:05pm
Has anyone done the 17 day diet? I just bought the book and am going to try it. I lost 25 pounds last year but gained most of it back and I have to do something to get this weight off. My husband wants to lose weight as well, I am hoping this will work for us both. We both just need to lose 50 pounds st most.

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Posted by JustJo
10.30.10 1:07am
I need to lose 30 more pounds to be where I was before 2 kids. I'm working on being motivated again, but since I lost weight already this year, I'm actually pretty content. It is a really great feeling to look at myself and not feel disgusted. Still, got to get walking on that track again! :)

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Posted by JustJo
01.10.11 9:05am
I love the fact that we have been stationed overseas for so long. It's been amazing getting to experience different countries and cultures first hand. The history we've seen, the food we've eaten, the people we've met...Even the kids enjoy it. And we're really looking forward to moving to our next base soon!

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Posted by JustJo
02.03.11 5:41am
I am so ready for this PCS! Less than a month and we're on our way! The last month before a PCS seems to drag...and then fly those last few days. Going to miss our friends here, but so excited for our new adventures!

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Posted by JustJo
05.06.11 11:13pm
Little bit jealous that my husband is on a trip this weekend. It is for his job, but still, time by himself without the kids? :) I suppose I can't complain since I am using my new iPad he got me for Mother's Day. :)

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Posted by JustJo
10.30.10 12:41am
My husband got promoted yesterday to Tech Sgt! And he won NCO of the quarter for the base. :) I'm so proud of him!

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Posted by JustJo
12.24.10 11:23am
It takes a while to make friends. When you get some good friends, you (or they) have to move. I wish we could make a "dream sheet" of friends to take around the world with us every PCS.

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Posted by JustJo
02.03.11 5:48am
Things have been going really well in the "being a mom" department. For a bit there, I was ready to run away. Reading on this site really helps me keep going. It's sort of "modern small town"...just good to know that other moms love their kids but still want to run away sometimes! I'm glad I get to share this with you all!

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Posted by JustJo
05.10.11 6:32am
There is a boy in my son's class he is always outside from the time school is done until dark. He lives near us and figured out where we live, so he is always over here. The boy is only 5 and even when I took him to his house at dark, his mom (who had never met me) did not even care that he had been at our house. I don't understand not caring where your kids are.

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Posted by JustJo
07.31.11 7:44am
Had some rough times, but things are looking up. Found a sitter and my husband and I get to go out now! Just really thankful for happy times and realizing how blessed my life is.

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Posted by JustJo
08.22.11 6:18am
True Blood. Books and T.V. show. Love it. Yum seriously yum. On a side note, stop all the mom guilt. If you are loving your kids, doing right by them, then don't care what anyone else thinks. Just stop with the unneeded, self-righteous guilt. Because that is what it is. You love your babies. You do what is right for them. Stop feeling bad for no purpose. If something is really wrong, fix it. If not, keep going and stop thinking you have to be like everyone else. :)

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Posted by JustJo
12.24.10 11:22am
I had a rough time of it this week. I felt like I could walk away from all this "domestic bliss." Went to choir practice, and one of the women told me, it's okay to admit the kids are driving you crazy. She said, when things get bad and you just want to yell, instead, scoop those babies up for hugs and tell them you love them. I did that today, they were fighting, I scooped them up for hugs instead of yelling, and what do you know, we were all surprised and happy and the day when much smoother after that!

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Posted by JustJo
12.24.10 11:19am
Not sure where to put this. I'm just sad. I unintentionally offended a friend and now she will not accept my apology, no matter how many times I say that I was in the wrong and I am sorry...It's just hard since I would make it right if I could, but now the situation is all tangled. This is all part of life. Next time someone offends me, I will be quicker to forgive, and not keep a grudge.

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