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Posted by Dubby
04.04.10 6:35am

A friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook photo yesterday. I thought I looked so horrendously fat and ugly in it, I UNtagged myself. Hopefully no one else saw it.

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Posted by Dubby
10.23.09 7:27am
Only one more week until Halloween. I have no idea how I'm going to keep myself from raiding my kids' treats while they're at school.

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Posted by Dubby
11.02.09 7:22am
I had Halloween candy and a Panera bagel for breakfast. It's going to be a high carb kind of day.

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Posted by Dubby
07.30.09 10:12am
Hated my wedding, love my marriage.

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Posted by Dubby
05.12.10 2:35pm
My daughter starts middle school in the fall. She's in the gifted program, and I had to meet with her future advanced lit teacher to find out what's expected of my daughter. She was a nice woman, but I absolutely HATE that she calls herself a "case worker", not a teacher. My daughter is NOT a "case".

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Posted by Dubby
05.18.10 4:59am
My 4 year old son pronounces Justin Bieber as "just a beaver". Love that kid!

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Posted by Dubby
06.03.10 7:36am

My parents get a big "F" when it comes to talking to me about sex as a teenager. We NEVER had the birds 'n bees talk. At 11 I woke up in a pool of blood (my period) and had no idea why. At 16, my mom simply said "be careful, boys talk." At 21 she handed me a pamphlet about birth control and asked "do you know about this stuff?" FAIL!!!!

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Posted by Dubby
06.23.10 5:43am
I am so sorry, children, that I can't be the Mommy every day that you deserve. I try so hard, but sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. My meds help, but are no cure all. Please don't ever doubt my love for you. The 3 of you are the reason I'm working with my doctor to get better, my reason for living. I love you so much!

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Posted by Dubby
12.13.10 9:46am
I want to be a great Mom more than anything, but my anxiety and depression keep me from being that person. (Yes, I'm being treated by a doctor for both).

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Posted by Dubby
03.16.11 3:50pm
I'm finally at a point of relief that it's over. At least, that's how I feel today.

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Posted by Dubby
06.01.10 8:25am
This weekend we went out of town to visit my husband's best friend and his wife. His best friend flirted with me in front of my husband and his wife. I know he was only joking, but damn, I loved the attention.

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Posted by Dubby
06.03.10 7:49am
Dear neighbor: I'm hiding your and your husband's posts on Facebook. I'm tired of reading your sappy, lovey dovey posts to each other every day. You've been married 9 years. It all sounds fake, simply for show. If you are still truly in a honeymoon phase, TEXT IT to each other.

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Posted by Dubby
06.23.10 5:51am
I'm 42 years old and finally accept that things don't always turn out the way I expected or want them to. My life is a journey. Each thing I experience, good or bad, simply adds to who I am. I can't wait until I'm an old lady, and can sit back in my rocking chair, and reflect on everything that has happened to me.

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Posted by Dubby
12.13.10 9:42am
I've been told I have a perfect life - husband with a good job, 3 great kids, big house, nice car, I don't have to work, and have no debt but the mortgage (which we are not upside down on). What they don't see is me taking my daily dosages of Prozac and Trazodone that help me survive what really goes on behind our closed doors.

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