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Posted by DayTek
03.18.13 8:54am
Went to bed Friday night feeling great, woke up with the stomach flu at 3AM and did not stop getting sick until 6AM. Battled a fever all day Saturday, stomach pains and hunger all day Sunday and finally feeling a little better Sunday night. Went to bed Sunday night thinking I'll get back to feeling semi-normal tomorrow, maybe get a few things done...Wake up Monday morning to my period arriving after only 24 days (I'm usually 32 + days). I KNOW it could be worse physically, but talk about kicking me when I'm down! What a terrible, rotten past 3 days! UHG.

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Posted by DayTek
12.30.10 5:09pm
I love the Diva Cup!

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Posted by DayTek
03.18.13 4:59pm
Dear Jehovah's Witnesses: I believe in divine appointments by God, don't get me wrong; But knocking on every door is a crap shoot, NOT a divine appointment.

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Posted by DayTek
06.14.13 1:15pm
I've worked in banking for 8 years. The hardest part is hearing how people blame the bank or credit cards for their financial problems. If people would budget and be disciplined about it, they would never have to use credit to buy anything. It's concerning how apathetic people are to debt. It does not constantly have to be apart of life if you just have patience and take control!

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Posted by DayTek
09.30.11 6:13pm
DH began training this weekend...My first night without him in long time. I took one of his shirts out of the closet to smell it before I go to sleep. Feel like we're in highschool all over again!

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Posted by DayTek
10.17.11 4:40am
With hubby working both a full-time job and weekends in the Army Reserve, I'm thinking more and more about how nice it would be to be a stay-at-home wife...NOT because we could afford it or because I want to be lazy, but we'd have more time together and planning things would be easier. We aren't having kids, so I just know there would be some boring days (and I like working). Hmmm...

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Posted by DayTek
01.01.13 9:34am
My BIL said his New Years resolution was to not make any human beings (He and my SIL have children ages 13, 12, 9, 7, 10 months and a newborn...Yes, TWO born within 1 year!). DH and I are child free and DH pipes up, "We make that our resolution every year." LOL.

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Posted by DayTek
01.16.13 10:05am
In regards to big, expensive rings: My husband and I had just purchased a house, so our budget was limited on an engagement ring set 6 years ago. We had a budget of $600. I browsed some sets and fell in love with a cute little set...10K white gold, with a TW .29 carat in small diamonds. It's small compared to many of the rings I see and my husband sometimes wishes he could have gotten me a bigger set, but I love it! It's the ring he asked me to marry him with and the one he put on my finger on our wedding day. We've been married 4 years, together 13

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Posted by DayTek
05.12.13 12:46pm
My Mom was never emotionally invested in me really as a kid, and still really isn't. She was one of those women who had children "for the experience" as she put it when I asked her one time. I think you should be more invested in it emotionally to bring people into the world...Like have a real desire to be a mother. She never did. However, I am still glad to have her in my life - Especially since this is my Dad's first Mother's Day since his Mom passed away last year and I can see how much he misses her. I never want to take my parents for granted! I know my Mom loves me and I her!

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Posted by DayTek
06.12.13 5:44pm
One of my very close friends from high school is pregnant for the first time. I know she was a little nervous about pregnancy and being a parent, so it drives a little bananas when our friends tell her these horror stories about pregnancies they've heard of...Meconium Aspiration, mid-pregnancy early labour, being put on bed rest, etc. I see the look on my friend's face when she hears these stories and I feel so bad for her. Why do people feel the need to DO this?!

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Posted by DayTek
08.03.13 6:34am
Quiet, lazy Saturday mornings are consistent reminders of why I very much enjoy being childfree. Breakfast, tea, snuggles with the cat and computer surfing, while DH sleeps in. Ready to start the day when I want to!

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Posted by DayTek
04.08.13 7:55pm
I work for the Royal Bank of Canada and am actually concerned about my keeping my job...not because I think the bank will outsource mine, but that I will have no job after so many customers have left! Somewhat not looking forward to work tomorrow, and I really like my job :(

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Posted by DayTek
08.18.13 5:11am
I'm considering looking into a role in my company that is a work-from-home position. I've worked as a bank teller for 8 years and have never worked from home! The pay would be more and I have the qualities (self-starter, good time management, motivated, etc.). But I'm a little concerned about the drastic change of social interaction after so many years. Anyone have any experience with a work-from-home job and any advice?

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Posted by DayTek
10.11.10 11:34am
I'd like to have a manager who is not a hypocrite! She abuses her status to no end and it needs to stop...SHE'S getting a new manager tomorrow and I'm thinking/hoping this one will not let the crap she does slide! I'm OK with my job, but her authority abuse need to halt ASAP.

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Posted by DayTek
10.17.10 2:44pm
I want to go part-time so I can volunteer more...Financially, it's very doable, but we just won't be AS comfortable. This has been on my heart for months and I just don't know what to do. It only comes down to money! :(

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Posted by DayTek
01.11.14 4:55pm
Sometimes the SIL should think before speaks. My niece's (her daughter) birthday is this is weekend and they were going to have my DH, me and parents-in-law over today...Problem is DH and I are sick and couldn't go. The other problem? The in-laws defaulted on a car loan and are now without a car and needed a ride with us. They asked to use our car and because SIL lives over an hour away, we said no. SIL sends my husband all these guilt texts about how her daughter is getting the shaft. We have always been generous to her and her kids...All SIX of them! Talk about selfish! Yeessh :|

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Posted by DayTek
06.20.13 6:44am
DH is currently blessed with working for a University as a machinist making awesome money, but it only a contract position. He does enjoy it, but he's also taking a Pre-Apprentice Electrical course. He's trying to find a place to take on a new apprentice, which is proving more difficult than finding a permanent machinist job! Part of me really wants him to continue working for the Uni. if they offer him a permanent position, but I know he really wants to get into Electrical (which means starting all over financially pretty much). Whatever he decides, I'll support him.

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Posted by DayTek
09.17.13 7:02pm
DH and I were talking about this yesterday...My DH and I don't watch porn and will never understand how a spouse could stand their husband/wife looking at porn. Don't they ever feel like they are constantly being compared to the people their spouses are lusting after? And what's the point of making love if your spouse has already slept with lots of other people in their mind? I will never know how someone makes a conscious choice to mentally cheat on their partner. If you love your partner and think they are beautiful, why would you even need something like that?

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Posted by DayTek
09.24.13 10:32am
The in-laws go to arbitration next month for an accident settlement and the money they get from that is their last chance to experience some financial security for the future. They have always been terrible with money. They have no RRSPs and their government pensions will not sustain them through retirement. They have no work pensions. I hope and pray that as soon as the cheque is in their hands they seek a Financial Adviser. I hope this thing ends next month!

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Posted by DayTek
10.23.13 9:01am
I need SOME good news...ANY good news. One thing after another. This year has been so tiring :( The circumstance is bad, but God is still good. I need to remember that.

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