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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 4:16pm
My boss got the news today, her Dad is cancer free. I cried with her and I am beyond happy for her family. That said, I cried all the way home. I lost my dad in August to cancer, and I couldn't help feeling so sorry for myself and my dad.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 4:16pm
I wound up cosleeping with ds while dh was deployed. Now that he is home ds and I sleep in a seprate bed from dh. As much as I miss sleeping next to my husband I don't miss having tripping over his stuff on my way to and from the bathroom at night, him stealing the blankets, or being groped before I even get to lay down and expected to have sex with him after being ignored all day and getting no help with the baby.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 4:08pm
My friend's DS7 shows developmental red flags. It is hard to explain. He functions emotionally like a 3 year old, crying,tantrums, etc. Then, he will get very bossy with other kids,and sometimes even adults.Sometimes, she will tell him to do something, such as brush his teeth, and he will just give her a blank stare until she raises her voice. I haven't said anything.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 3:54pm
Any tips on weaning ds from breast feeding? He's 15 months, was breast and formula fed... Hasn't had formula since he turned 1. Drinks milk but sometimes he refuses everything till I bf. I tried to make it boring, but he seems to want to bf is when he wants to go to sleep. Last night he screamed for 20 minutes while pawing at my chest. I need to start taking medicine and can't bf while I take it, but I don't think I can handle just letting him "deal with it" for a few days till he learns its not an option anymor

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 1:43pm
DH and I bought DS a portable DVD player for Christmas. We live four hours away from family so we figured he would enjoy being able to watch movies in the car while we travel. He's destroyed it. He drops it, he spilled juice on it, he takes it to bed and then falls asleep on top of it. He's heartbroken that it barely works anymore and wants me to buy a new one. Nope. Sorry, kid. You only got that one because of a Black Friday sale and you destroyed it within three months. Better save your pennies if you want a new one!

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 1:41pm
DH stayed home today because he's sick with the sniffles. He is such a freaking baby when he's sick, it's unreal. When I get sick, I still have to watch the kids and make dinner, even if that's all I do. When he gets sick, he lays on the couch all day moaning that he's dying. It's the only thing he does that truly annoys me.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 1:39pm
Every single day I pick DS up from pre-school, I get a new crappy report from the teachers. He's argumentative, he doesn't like being told what to do, he randomly does things "just to see what will happen." We've been trying to correct this behavior but the truth of the matter is, he acts exactly like me. I've always had issues with authority, I always have to have the last word in an argument, and I have a horrible temper. Even though I rarely act like that in front of him, I think he's genetically predisposed to being an a-hole like me.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 1:35pm
MIL has gone crazy buying baby stuff for DH and I. Yea, it's great, and I really am grateful but every time I see something I like, DH says "Oh, mom already got that. We don't need that." It's annoying! This is my last baby, I want to be able to pick some stuff out! I was online shopping last night and DH told me to delete half the clothes I picked out because his mom had it handled.

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Posted by jjgabor
02.28.14 11:57am
I suspect that my cat knew I was pregnant before I did. She usually prefers my husband, but she was, and still is, insisting that she sleep with me. Usually across my stomach or right at my back. Animals are pretty neat.

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Posted by anonymous
02.28.14 11:41am
I don't cook and have a "fend for yourself" night at least once a week.

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