Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2012-02-10 21:24:50

You ask, and we answer. Got a question or feedback for this site? Post a confession with the keyword MODS (yes, it must have the S) and it will be featured in next weeks blog!

Announcement: Ask a Mod will be delayed until Monday of next week (The 20th). We are doing some work in the back end from the 15th-20th, there may be scheduling hiccups as well with the update schedule, but nothing too serious.

Q:MODS: Can we move the measurements posts to the blog? (Body board)

A: It seems to have died out on its own

Q:MODS: why did my confession about hair moulting not go through? (pretty sure it's 296132). What rule did I break now?

MODS: ahh, never mind about the moulting confession, turns out I missed the update. My bad!

A: No problem :)

Q:Mods, why does it go t Divine Caroline when I try to log on. It reads soryy wrong turn and then goes to that site. I have found that I can go into my history and go to page 2 or 3 and log on that way, but it's annoying and then I miss the editor's pick and the talk of the day, my favorites. I've had this problem before and you said that I probably put in the wrong URL but I don't. Please let me know why, and I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

A: Wow, that is odd. Anyone else having this issue? I’ve forwarded it to our tech guy, so I hope we can find a solution for you soon.

Q: MODS : Not sure why my post about Truu comments didn't make it through.

A: One of two reasons (I’m not sure which one is yours). Responses to a comment are still considered response posts. We don’t typically post commentary about the website itself. Feedback can be sent in through email, or answered in the weeks Ask a Mod if you include the word MODS in your confession.

Q:MODS: truu### is a poll/advice confession

A: Thanks for the heads up. It was suppposed to be the talk of the day the day it was released but was mismarked. I felt bad taking it completely down.

Q:Can we move the declawing/debarking debacle into the blog too? MODS

A: Done!

Q:MODS: Id like to know why my confession about being the stepchild in both houses and taking the blame for things I didnt do( stealing money etc) didnt get posted? I posted it before I had even started reading the site, so it wasnt a responce and didnt break any other rules. Normally, I respect the decision not to post something, but I have heard a lot of complaints lately about you guys not posting confessions for no reason. If you are too busy to read them all PROPERLY and keep on top of it, hire someone else to help.

A: I looked for your post and didn’t find it. A lot of the complaints we’ve followed up on recently come from people posting from mobile devices. The posts never made it through the back end, they just aren’t here. On a given day we’ll receive multiple emails about missing confessions, but only two or three have been blocked based on jumps in confession numbers. If you’ll just repost it, I can put it through.

Q:Dear MODS, I'm disappointed that truu posted a straightforwardly RACIST post. Calling someone a "Sri Lankan piece of shit"? Really? And you posted that? Please, can we keep the bigotry off truu? Thanks, A Regular

A: Technically it’s ethnocentric, not racist. But you’re right. I’ll remove that post, so long as no one objects to me also removing every post about entitled Americans, spoiled Americans, rude Americans, destructive Americans, and so on.

Q:Weirdest feeling of the day: reading Truu while the mods are approving comments. I keep clicking on the next page, and it just refreshes the page I'm on OR goes backwards! Trippy.


Q:confession not posted AGAIN. I said I sometimes skip confessions based on the icon. This was not asking for advice. It wasn't about a specific poster. It wasn't about the site - it was a confession about something I do. And yet, not posted! Shocking! Mods, you kinda suck.

A: But it was about the website. We let some things through (I wish there was a hug button, or I love all you ladies, ect), but do we post negative commentary on our website? No. Neither does any other business or website. And while your post didn’t specifically target anyone, it’s not complimentary to say to a group of people “I only read some of your posts.” No matter how general you are about who you decide to read.

Q:Mods why wasn't my confession about Mckmama posted?

A: We have a user by that name

Q:MODS confession 663858 is clearly a response post!!

A: Thanks for the heads up! :)

Q:Mods: I lost touch with this site about two years ago and only recently rediscovered it. I love the changes, and your blogs are hilarious! Just read the what's your number/have you got a gun installment on my meal break and it made me spit Pepsi--through my nose. ;) I can't honestly remember why I left, but I seriously I doubt that I will do it again any time soon! Thanks for a fun cyberspot to hang out. :)

A: Thank you! You made my week! :)

Q:MODS: The Suave keratin infusion ads are killing my computer. Is there a way to get rod if them?
A: I can’t really direct you on how to avoid messages from our advertisers. But I’m sure some of our users can in the comments.

Q:MODS: 663982 confession, i accidently flagged cocopops comment! I feel horrible! Please dont remove it! I loved Her comment! I'm sorry cocopop.

A: It hasn’t been flagged enough to be removed, so I’m sure she’s fine. :)

Q:mods-why can't we "fav" "OMG" etc.. more than once?

A: I think the idea is supposed to be that it’s a vote. Everyone gets one, then you can tell how many individual users/computers also like that post. Though I agree, a lot of our posts inspire more than one OMG!

Q:MODS-i'm the OP of confession number 664123. please remove it? It seems to have gone through 2x. thanks!!!

A: Thanks for letting me know. I’ve removed the duplicate.

There were more questions and feedback this week, but I can't find them. The keyword was missing. I'm sorry, if I missed your question PLEASE submit it again and I will answer. Thank you for all your questions and feed back. Want to contribute? Post a confession with the keyword MODS in it, and your confession will be featured in next weeks Ask a Mod

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Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2014-02-07 20:17:35

The schedule may be a bit wonky this week. Don't panic

Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2014-01-28 17:13:02

Expect to hear from me by Monday

Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2013-12-21 10:20:53

You ask, we answer

Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2013-12-18 08:06:06

Which is more offensive?

Kaitlin Bevis
Author of "Persephone" | 2013-12-15 18:13:52

You ask, I answer

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